Volkswagen investment a huge benefit to Chattanooga and other letters to the editors

Volkswagen investment a huge benefit to Chattanooga and other letters to the editors

May 11th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Volkswagen investment a huge benefit to Chattanooga

After reading the editorial about VW layoffs, I want to be sure all the facts are accurately represented.

1) Even after the recent laysoff of temporary plant workers, Volkswagen will employ 2,700 people. The auto suppliers we recruited without incentives employ more than 1,300 more. That's 4,000-plus new jobs -- more than twice Volkswagen's original commitment.

2) Volkswagen received training resources to train local people to do the new jobs, a former brownfield which they transformed into the world's greenest manufacturing facility, a property tax deferral which costs taxpayers nothing, and infrastructure/land prep to make the site functional.

3) Volkswagen's payroll and purchasing drive more than $50 million in state and local tax revenue each year.

4) Volkswagen pays local school taxes.

5) Volkswagen and its suppliers pay hundreds of millions in payroll each year which workers spend locally to the benefit of all. In short, Volkswagen risked $1 billion investing in a community that had never built a car.

State and local governments partnered with Volkswagen through incentives to ensure the project succeeded and citizens benefited. Volkswagen could have easily located in a competitor city. Instead, it chose Chattanooga, and we're enjoying incredible returns on our investment.

RON HARR, President & CEO Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

United States needs to keep Muslims out

Recent events are a wakeup call for America to end Muslim immigration.

The Iranian revolution was as far-reaching as the Russian and French Revolution combined.

When the U.S. and England did not support Sweden after the Muslim attack, it was a grave failure on the part of the West. America should learn from Europe and its failure to act. France will be Muslim in less than 50 years by out-birthing. There are 60 Muslim enclaves around Paris, where no French man enters.

America needs to close all Islamic schools. America needs to end Muslim students attending U.S. colleges. Harvard and Yale alone have accepted $10 million in grants from Islam.

Hamas calls for the destruction of the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. There are over 30 Hamas chapters in America in places like Raleigh and Kansas City. There are Islamic terrorist already in America, and our borders are not protected.

JOE KING, Signal Mountain

McCoy cartoon shows lack of knowledge

I was very upset when I saw Glenn McCoy's editorial cartoon on May 8. As a pharmacist, I take my profession very seriously. Not only did Mr. McCoy portray a pharmacist as uncaring and lacking any empathy for the situation, but he also made himself and the Free Press editorial page look quite foolish by implying Plan B is an abortion pill. I encourage both of you to do a little research before you publish such incorrect information.