Story's negativity mirror's national mood and other letters to the editors

Story's negativity mirror's national mood and other letters to the editors

May 13th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Story's negativity mirror's national mood

In your May 8 article about senators golfing with our president, the reporter describes Mark West, Chattanooga Tea Party's president as "unfurling" his newspaper (as a patriot does his flag?) and "scowling" at a photo of Bob Corker "grinning" next to Obama. Atlanta 's Tea Party Patriots' co-founder Debbie Dooley "rolled her eyes" over Saxby Chambliss' "presidential chumminess," predicting he might get booed at the GOP state convention.

The editorializing of straight news over several decades means this story might've been more appropriately placed on this newspaper's conservative editorial page. Or did the reporter actually see West scowl or personally witness Corker grinning for a camera? Was he present when Dooley rolled her eyes upon hearing about Chambliss' chumminess with Obama?

These subtle descriptors reinforce negative opinions of individuals and groups toward folks who attempt to build bridges with citizens holding differing opinions. Why do we even act surprised at one more report of bullying among school-age and college students? Many of our nation's well-known grown-ups scowl and roll their eyes; one called the president a liar during a State of the Union address.

Could we just enjoy a time-out from negativity, real or editorialized?


Burney will be missed at police department

I work for the Chattanooga Police Department and had the pleasure as many others did of knowing a great man and Christian brother who went home to be with the Lord last Monday.

He kept our work area clean and did a job many would not want to do, but he was there greeting us every morning with a smile and laughter as he began his work day in several different parts of the city doing the same. He was only 51 years old and had great work ethics. When he found himself without a car, he rode the bus to fulfill his obligation to his employer and do his job.

I had only known him for a couple of year, but he definitely made a difference in my life as he was vocal about who he spoke of as the good Lord and how He has blessed us with another beautiful day. He didn't strike me as a man caught up in things but seemed so happy everyday with what he was blessed with.

I will not soon forget Arthur Burney.


Feeding geese often leads to handicap

Migratory geese and ducks are attracted to places with lakes, and new housing additions are adding lakes to their properties where these birds will lay eggs and raise their young. When the babies hatch, the tendency for people is to feed birds foods, such as bread products, popcorn, sugar and high-protein items.

By eating the wrong food, some of these birds acquire what is called "drop wing" "angel wing," a syndrome that affects aquatic birds and is appearing in waterfowl residing near humans and never in the wild. It is illegal to kill these birds as has been done recently in some developments.

To prevent this, we should encourage the public not to feed wild birds or only feed cracked corn, which can be purchased at most feed stores and hardware stores.

There is no cure, and these birds will never be able to fly. When the family of the handicapped bird begins to fly with its young, the handicapped bird will run around trying to fly while crying. It is heartbreaking.

By spreading the news before the new babies are hatched for this season, it might prevent this heartbreaking handicap from happening to these innocent birds.