Good Deed: Act of kindness crosses state line

Good Deed: Act of kindness crosses state line

May 19th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Act of kindness crosses state line

Recently I filled up with gas in Fort Oglethorpe, then drove through parts of Rossville, East Ridge and into Chattanooga to meet my husband on McCallie Avenue. When I arrived, I discovered that I had left my wallet on top of my car at the gas station. I retraced my route driving about 10 mph with my flashers on looking for the wallet.

My husband suggested that I contact local police departments. A Catoosa County dispatcher confirmed that the Rossville Police Department had my wallet. When I arrived to pick up my wallet, I asked the officer for the person's name. She said it was a gentleman who walked in, handed her the wallet and told her he had found it in Tennessee and thought I might need it. Then he walked out without giving his name.

I have no way to thank this gentleman but so want him to know how much I appreciate his act of kindness.

Marilyn B. Southerland