Representatives need to get behind bill and other letters to the editors

Representatives need to get behind bill and other letters to the editors

May 24th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Representatives need to get behind bill

The title of the Chris Carroll story, "Sen. Alexander out on a limb by advocating an Internet sales tax in Tennessee," is beyond misleading. Also on that "limb" is Sen. Bob Corker, a co-sponsor of the legislation, who understands how important it is to our state. They're in good company with Gov. Bill Haslam, a Republican, who testified in support of the bill in Congress last July.

They are joined by a long list of conservatives including 25 Republican co-sponsors in the House and 15 Republican Governors across the country.

It is unfortunate that some in the Tennessee congressional delegation refuse to embrace the conservative values in this legislation, like a fair competitive market for all retailers and a fairly applied tax policy. It is clear Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has neither read the bill, nor given much thought to the local brick-and-mortar retailers who are currently at a competitive disadvantage.

My advice to our representatives in the House is to study the Marketplace Fairness Act and listen to the small business owners in their district. I hope they will join our senators and governor and do what's right for our state.

DONNIE EATHERLY, Goodlettsville, Tenn.

Obama to blame for damaged morale

President Barack Obama may not necessarily be directly involved in the recent scandals to hit the IRS and Justice Department, but he has set a tone of distrust in this country since being elected to his first term in 2008.

The resulting cultural shift has given government agencies like the IRS, the Justice Department and the State Department -- all of which are under his direct authority -- the audacity to adopt radical and partisan policies that serve their liberal political agendas.

Obama has damaged the morale and character of the country and is directly responsible for the new doom-and-gloom attitudes most Americans are feeling. Obama's social policies have worked to erode the confidence in the country's future. His economic policies have damaged the business climate and have caused companies to rethink their long-term growth strategies. Until Obama leaves office, the productive citizens, the ones who understand the issues, the ones who make the country work, will not change their attitudes and the country will not regain its footing as the world leader.


U.S. service members deserve our support

I honor the bravery and courage of the men and women who served our country during World War II. Many served two to four years overseas before coming home. They fought and died bravely. Hundreds of thousands died and were wounded, and multitudes of WWII veterans have lived with their wounds of combat ever since. They completed their mission with honor.

They returned to our beloved America, worked hard and were responsible in raising their children. They were the greatest generation.

Now, a generation of our men and women in Iraq fight and die for another mission for America to depose another evil government led by heartless terrorists who want to see all Americans dead, just as the Nazi-driven ideology of another terrorist organization did in WWII.

We must have the courage to support our government leaders and the military men and women. We must accomplish our mission.