Guns don't kill people - and more letters to the editors

Guns don't kill people - and more letters to the editors

October 1st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Guns don't kill people

I read the commentary, "Here We Go Again on Guns," published on Sept. 19. I completely agree with your argument on gun control.

"Guns don't kill, people do."

I'm fed up with all of the debates as well, because like you said, we'll be having the same conversation 30 years from now when another shooting massacre occurs.

Even if you take away guns, you still have violent, mentally ill people with knives and other weapons. Guns aren't the issue.

There will always be violence in the world with or without them.

TIARA HOY, Collegedale, Tenn.

Reasons why green is good

Green is good: for fewer sick days, greater job satisfaction, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lower incidence of diabetes and obesity, increased longevity and improved cognition.

Green is good: for improved standardization test scores, fewer disciplinary problems, higher graduation rates, and less school bullying.

Green is good: for increased job satisfaction and office worker productivity and attracting industries and highly paid knowledge workers.

Green is good: for increased property values

Green is good: for the economy - every $1 invested annually in state park lands returns $37 to local economies.

A study by forester, Dwight Barnett, discovered these and other advantages while researching 315 peer-reviewed papers about the benefits of being in close proximity to green spaces.

Check out the Tennessee Parks and Greenways web site,, for his full report. Green is very good!

MARY ANN CROWE, Crossville, Tenn.

Rapid change could come

Referring to the article that says scientists are 95 percent sure of man-made global warming: There was a two-hour program on TV about four or five years ago. Geological scientists took core samples around the world to see if the north and south poles exchanged places. They proved they had.

That is why in different places around this good earth there are indications of tropical weather having existed in a frozen tundra and tropical places that had once been cold. All due to pole switching, and it is happening as we all live on this planet, once again.

Compasses do not indicate a true north and vice-versa. As the poles move slowly so will the earths structure move slowly. If the poles speed up, there would be complete devastation of the entire earth in a rapid period of time.

Prehistoric animals were found with food, not yet broken down in their mouths. They died where they stood. It was sudden, no they were not killed by another animal. There was no indication of this on their bodies/bones.

So, there are definitely other components taking place on this planet that is not being brought to the forefront, than man 'blowing smoke' through the gases emitted in the atmosphere, stratosphere and any other sphere.

As Thomas Burke indicated in the article, it is not with 100 percent certainty.