Country's morals in question - and more letters to the editors

Country's morals in question - and more letters to the editors

September 4th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Country's morals in question

I remember when Al Gore said, "Everything that should be up is down and everything down is up."

Anthony Weiner is sexting running for mayor of NYC. A 15-year-old can buy Plan B abortion pill but a 26-year-old is still considered a child under Obamacare.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell kills babies who survive his abortion mill and some in the media yawn. Tim Tebow says he's a Christian and some in the media ridicule him.

Jason Collins says, "I'm gay!" and Obama calls him and says, "I'm impressed by your courage." Four brave Americans are murdered in Benghazi and the president goes to bed to rest for his fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Obama calls the Benghazi, IRS and NSA situations "phony scandals" on his campaign tour.

What's happened to morals, ethics and integrity? Where are my Democrat friends? It seems they don't care what happens to our country.


Brain injuries and God's plan

In a previous letter, "Evolution Is Our Only Explanation," the author asks, "Have you ever observed the personality changes of a person before and after traumatic brain injury? "The person 'just disappears.' "

There are many of us who have had people dear to us suffer traumatic brain injury. They may be disabled, but they are still lovable and worthy human beings, created by a loving God. They don't "just disappear." Our God in Heaven chose to bring them back from their injury because He still has a plan for their life. I'm sure the thousands of parents of our young, fighting men and women, who are coming home from war with brain injuries would agree with me. They've been fighting for your right to write such a letter.


Cook, Bennett praised

I would like to express my appreciation to the Chattanooga Times Free Press for bringing David Cook and Clay Bennett to the backwaters of Chattanooga. Bennett's incisive and satirical style cuts through the misinformation, myths, and lies of the far right to reveal the cruel ignorance that fuels their hysteria. Cook has a keen sense of social justice and an uncanny knack for identifying hypocrisy. Both have the courage to speak the truth even though significant numbers of their audience are unenlightened and uniformed.

I am impressed by their ability to stir up the murky waters of ignorance. The frenzy that ensues includes criticism from racists, religious bigots, advocates of violence, right-wing extremists, and hypocrites. They say you are best defined by the enemies you make.This speaks highly for Bennett and Cook.


Wildlife areas entice animals

This is getting ridiculous to put to the vote each year about "murdering" Sandhill Cranes (and other wildlife as well). People (builders, schools, Fish and Wildlife Commissions, etc.) put in manmade lakes, food areas and nesting areas to entice wildlife to this area, including geese and cranes. Then once this beautiful wildlife arrives for everyone's enjoyment, the parks and nature centers draw in the public to see these remarkable creatures at a cost, increasing money in everyone's pockets. Then you decide to gather them up and euthanize them or hunt them.

I, and others, believe this is murder and inhumane. All of you should vote against this and not bring it up again and again each year.

If this wildlife is not wanted, stop building areas with ponds and lakes to entice them in.

Or are you actually committing a felony? It is against the law to "bait and kill," in fact, it is a federal felony.

CHERYL J. RICH, Ooltewah

Wilderness offers peace, solitude

Between rushing to the next somewhere-you've-got-to-be, wilderness offers a sojourn into the middle of nowhere. Miles deep into Little Frog Wilderness Area, when sounds of Highway 64 are no longer audible, and the only sounds are wind, water, birds and our breathing, my companion hiker exclaims in awe, "We're in the middle of nowhere." That's what wilderness is, a place where one can be in the middle of wild, natural peace-nowhere. We see signs of bear; we smell the white pine; and the only sign of humans is the trail we follow. Wilderness is as important for what is present, as it is for what is missing.

Sen. Alexander's Tennessee Wilderness Act expands five wilderness areas and creates the first new Tennessee wilderness area in over 26 years. Congressman Fleischmann should commit to co-sponsoring a companion bill in the House as 12,200 acres are in his district.

With life's speed increasing, we only have a hint of what protecting wild, natural peace will mean to future people. Personally, while walking in Little Frog Wilderness, I found myself repeatedly saying with one step, "Wow," and with the other, "Thank you."


Bible clear on absolutes

How many times have you heard the phrase, "well, that's just your interpretation" when a Biblical question arises between two "religious" people - maybe from different religious organizations? I would submit for your thinking that the truth only has one correct interpretation. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth" - John 8:32 and later in His prayer to God, He affirmed,"Thy word is truth" - John 17:17. Throughout His dealings with mankind, God has never intended, allowed or tolerated man's own "private interpretation" relative to His truth and man's submission and obedience to it.

People understand the absolute nature of truth in all other aspects of life. Early in life we are taught that 1+1=2; that is a mathematical "truth." How ridiculous would it be for me to tell you, "That's just your interpretation"? I may sincerely believe that 1+1=3, but I'm wrong. We must stand for and be guided by the truth that is God's word. It isn't about what I "think" or "feel" about it - it is about whether or not I am willing to submit my life to it and change my life to fit what it says. When people are willing to put aside "feelings" and "opinions" the truth becomes much clearer.