More unions, socialism needed and other letters to the editors

More unions, socialism needed and other letters to the editors

August 8th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

More unions, socialism needed

With the numerous phony scandals such as the NSA, IRS and Benghazi being viewed and discussed these days, it seems fitting to open an old subject that has generated its own scandals over the past two and a half centuries - labor unions. Republicans elected in 2010 with tea party support have launched major efforts against public sector unions due in part to state government pension obligations. There was a time in American business and industry when unions were of benefit to the American worker.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Co., is said to have played a major role in improvements for American workers both in the workplace and in wages. Ford was not a major player in labor unions, but his contribution to American workers can't be easily estimated. Organized labor usually supports Democratic Party candidates in elections.

Labor unions are still proving their importance, as they were instrumental in getting President Obama elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. The unions hope

Obama will be able to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. The idea for that allows unions more freedom to recruit union members and grow socialism, sort of like what's happening to Chattanooga.


Civil War, slavery link a certainty

A recent letter to the editor that dismissed the connection between slavery and the Civil War left me puzzled as to what version of history the writer studied. As a graduate of UTK, my course work was extensive in U.S. history, including events during the decades that led up to the Civil War. No honest historian would deny the link between slavery and the Civil War, although most in the South were led to believe otherwise, especially in Southern churches.

Fact is, it was clear to large slave owners, the western expansion of the U.S. and their inevitable absorption into the U.S. would soon lead to the abolition of slavery, thus leading to the decision of the South to secede. The Civil War's link to slavery was not a fabrication of President Lincoln.

It is human nature to go along to get along. Jesus Christ was an example of what happens to individuals who challenge the power of influence and money.

JOHN EARY, Ringgold, Ga.

Tourist says area needs Free parking

Our family visited the Chatta- nooga area on July 26. We were greatly impressed with your efforts to make the riverfront area pedestrian accessible and interactive with cultural events and water features. There were hoards of people downtown, all having a great time.

What did not impress us was receiving an $11 parking ticket for being five minutes tardy in the North Shore shopping dis- trict. This is a difficult area in which to find parking. We had our paid ticket on the dash, which was good till 3:24, and the ticket was written at 3:29.

I think you could support the small businesses in the area by providing more parking for out-of-town visitors or at least cutting drivers a few minutes' slack when they do find a spot!

Sign me a disgruntled tourist.