Simple solution to Iraq ISIS - and more letters to the editors

Simple solution to Iraq ISIS - and more letters to the editors

August 19th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Simple solution to Iraq ISIS

I was out walking recently and ran into a friend who is a neighbor and a retired Marine general from the Vietnam era, whereas I was a lowly enlisted man from the WWII era. We discussed the situation we now face with the ISIS faction in Iraq and what should be done to combat it.

Without hesitancy, the general said he would order up a B-35 group to proceed to Iraq and also have drones determine the exact location of the ISIS forces, so that when the B-35s were at about 30,000 feet and approaching the target area, the controllers could call in the precise coordinates of the ISIS group to the B-35 group commander, who would then pattern bomb the entire area.

I added to this by suggesting several A-10 Warthogs follow up with their 30 mm cannons and strafe any survivors. All of this without having to place a single "boot on the ground."

If two old "has been's" can come up with a plan like this, surely the superior intellect of our president will produce a better one.

DARDEN NEWMAN, Signal Mountain

Resident outraged over Aetna Road

There is something so rotten that it smells to high heaven about the city's Industrial Development Board re-approving a $9 million taxpayer-financed road up Aetna Mountain after citizen Helen Burns Sharp used her own money to take this situation to court to stop this misuse of taxpayer funds - and she won!

And what happened after a judge struck down this misuse of taxpayer money because of secret negotiations and a conflict of interest? The Industrial Development Board attorney, Mike McMahan again is pushing through the same deal without taxpayer input.

Are we, as taxpayers, going to allow this shady deal to be once again decided on by a handful of people who we never had the option of voting into office? Are we going to let Sharp's sacrifice of paying thousands of dollars of her own money to stop this travesty be in vain?

There should be real outrage. Please join me in contacting our elected officials to get this road stopped!


Arm Kurds against American weaponry

Just as in operation Fast and Furious, we have armed the enemy.

The enemy got tons of the best American weaponry when the Iraq army turned and ran. Due to corrupt politics, the Kurds never got any weapons we gave Iraq.

Now American weapons are being used against the Kurds.

We need to send these loyal soldiers on the ground for us anti-tank missiles, etc., not just pea-shooters, before they are overrun and literally crucified.