It's sad when pampered pets get more attention than Community Kitchen, other letters to the editors

It's sad when pampered pets get more attention than Community Kitchen, other letters to the editors

August 24th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

It's sad when pampered pets get more attention than the Community Kitchen

I am an animal lover. I have volunteered at an animal shelter and have owned dogs all my adult life. My pet gets vet care, good food, fresh water, affection and playtime. He is a companion and a valued part of our home. He is a therapy dog and visits T.C. Thompson's regularly.

I was appalled to read of dogs being treated as "children" and vast amounts of money being spent on their wardrobes.

The Community Kitchen provides as best they can for more people than they can reasonably serve. The men and women who depend on their services don't have 100 outfits. Many have only one or two. Their food is not examined for top quality ingredients but is donated by individuals who see the need and answer it.

There is an immediate call for items like pasta, dry milk, canned fruit and insect repellent. Ongoing needs are for deodorant, cereal, canned tuna and lunch meat. If the amount spent on one overindulged pet during one month was given to our overburdened Community Kitchen, how much could that provide for people? Would your pet give up a coat or two to warm a person?


Obama making the right moves

President Obama is brilliant or extremely lucky. You decide.

Brilliant move No. 1: Hire Eric Holder. As U.S. attorney general, he was told to only prosecute conservatives.

Brilliant move No. 2: Threaten all federal employees: "If I don't get re-elected, you're out of a job. Work our scams, and you're set for life!"

Brilliant move No. 3: Eliminate all opposition; use CIA, IRS, NSA, DOJ and other government entities to attack conservatives, religious organizations, Fox News, etc.

Brilliant move No. 4: Obamacare. This monstrosity gives him control of one-seventh of the U.S. economy.

Brilliant move No. 5: Amnesty for as many of the 20 million illegal immigrants here as possible, to vote Democrat in 2016.

Brilliant move No. 6: Cover up one embarrassing scandal with another one. People will only be thinking of one at a time, not the other 24.

Brilliant move No. 7: Always reward your friends, including government contractors, union bosses, media, who bash conservatives, federal judges, welfare distributors, "green energy" advocates and all those who help the Obamas live like royalty.

JOHN BERGEN, Ringgold, Ga.

Fleischmann's maturity lauded

I am tired of all the barbs being thrown at Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, especially from the newspaper. His were hardly the only negative ads of the recent election campaign. Why not concentrate on his voting record?

In my opinion, the two most serious responsibilities of the federal government are national security and reducing the debt. Rep. Fleischmann consistently voted in favor of both of those. He recently wrote a letter to President Obama regarding the immigration crisis, a letter that was co-signed by all the Tennessee Republican congressmen.

Chuck is also endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee and the National Rifle Association, important organizations that screen candidates thoroughly. He also has worked hard to secure funding for the Chickamauga Dam lock.

Rep. Fleischmann has worked diligently in Washington, and he campaigned visibly in District 3. His maturity, work ethic and priorities merit my support in the upcoming general election. Let's concentrate on the positive aspects.


Grohn gets job done quickly

The lead article in Sunday's Times Free Press quoted Vanderbilt professor Bruce Oppenheimer talking about Chuck Fleischmann's narrow primary victory. He said: "You would think that after four years, you would have solidified the district, at least in your own party's primary ... Why, after three go-rounds, is he still struggling to make this a safe district for him in the Republican primary?"

On June 30, I wrote a letter to Chuck Fleischmann asking for his help with a problem. So far, I have not received so much as a postcard saying he got my letter, let alone help with my problem.

I sent an email to city Councilman Larry Grohn asking for his help with an intersection with a poor traffic pattern. Not only did Larry respond to my email, he mobilized the city to paint arrows on the pavement and install signs on the sides of the road. Problem solved!

Larry, if you decided to run for Congress, please let me know. I will gladly help you. I know you will run a clean campaign and take care of your constituents.


Don't support painful soring

We all know how painful soring is for the horses, but the beat goes on for Big Money! How can you go to Shelbyville, buy a ticket to the National Celebration, clap your hands and enjoy the event when it has been made perfectly clear the torture these horses must endure to entertain you? Do you not have a conscience? Do you believe in a merciful God? If you are a lover of all God's creations, then I beg you not to buy a ticket to a celebration that shows no mercy for a beautiful animal given to us by God to love and admire. These horses cannot tell us how badly they hurt. The people in this industry only care about making money, so again I beg you not to buy a ticket that encourages cruelty.

As for calling your senator and state representatives, I've done that and gotten nowhere. They offer promises and a sympathetic ear, but no changes occur. Please help me find a way to stop the cruelty.


Guns not proper in hands of all

Recent events remind me of an incident that occurred shortly after I moved to Chattanooga in the late 1950s. At that time, I lived next door to an old gentleman who was a retired Chattanooga police chief. There had been a situation wherein a young policeman shot and killed an unarmed black teenager who was about to throw a garbage can lid at him. When I discussed the incident with the old ex-chief, he observed: "Until [officers] learn how to use their nightstick, we should never give them a gun."

Perhaps there is still some wisdom in his attitude.

HARRY WILLIAMS, Signal Mountain

Congressman deserves loyalty

Rep. Chuck Fleisch-mann overcame many obstacles during the primary election. These included anti-Fleischmann editorials from the Times and the Free Press pages, anti-Fleischmann local talk radio, an opponent who was paid a salary while running and not working, an opponent who secretly taped a Fleischmann supporter (Mayfield), and an opponent who received over $300,000 in campaign advertising from his boss. Then after the majority of people chose him over Weston Wamp, the newspaper not only refused to congratulate him but published negative articles about his victory.

I am certain I speak for the majority who voted for Chuck Fleischmann when I say, I did not vote for him because of the negative ads against his opponent. I voted for the candidate with maturity and experience. I'm not sure which was more immature, Wamp's crybaby concession call to Fleischmann or this newspaper's reaction to his victory.


Columnist Cook needs our prayers

I read David Cook's Aug. 8 commentary. The first remark really made me angry, then I read on and decided rather than act in anger, we Christians need to pray for him. He is a misguided young man, but he is among many like him. He has his opinion, and he expressed it. My opinion is that he doesn't have a clue why we voted against domestic partnerships. It certainly wasn't out of fear. It was out of respect to our Lord Jesus Christ and spending city money on something so ridiculous when we have many other needs. I don't know if you will print this, but at least a lot of people will add Mr. Cook to their prayer list.