Nonpartisan League of Women Voters aid in explaining retention election and other letters to the editors

Nonpartisan League of Women Voters aid in explaining retention election and other letters to the editors

July 27th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Nonpartisan League of Women Voters aid in explaining retention election

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that has been dedicated to voter education since 1920. As one might expect, the League here in Tennessee has been engaged in the creation of voter education materials in anticipation of the Aug. 7 elections. And, thankfully, newspapers across the state have printed many public service articles, which have, no doubt, been helpful to voters in our state. The Tennessee process for judicial retention elections, however, remains a mystery to many. This confusion over process is evident regardless of the associated constitutional issues. With education in mind, we have created several voter aid documents explaining the retention elections. These can be opened from the home page of our website ( In light of the positive feedback received from those who have reviewed the aids, we would like to share them with the greater community.


Vote Crangle to District 27 seat

This letter is to express my support for Tommy Crangle for the Tennessee State House of Representatives, District 27 seat.

Tommy, my friend for years, is a strong conservative and runs his own civil engineering business with integrity and common sense. His engineering skills will be very valuable with all the construction projects in our state. As a small business owner, Tommy believes in small government working with small business, not drowning them with regulations and taxes. Since small business employs most of our workers and is the backbone of our economy, this is good for our cost of living, our way of life, and the success of our state. Tommy believes in all of our Constitution and has sound Christian values. He also believes in the sanctity of life and marriage.

Tommy Crangle is the right choice for our Tennessee House, District 27 seat. A vote for Tommy is a vote for all the people in District 27 and a vote for Tennessee.

DON BEADLE, Soddy-Daisy

Berry crosses over to vote for Tidwell

I am writing to endorse Gwen Tidwell for re-election as Criminal Court clerk. I have known Gwen more than 25 years. She is a fine lady and a wonderful clerk. She has turned that office into a model of efficiency and professionalism. She is also a great mother who has raised three sons while doing such a good job. Two of my grandsons are friends of her boys. This is a family I know and think highly of.

Even though my late husband, Bill Berry, was a Republican precinct chairman, we both always supported Gwen. I still do. This is about professionalism, not politics. Vote for Gwen!


Wamp is right pick for Congress

I am writing in response to Weston Wamp for Congress. My husband and I have known Weston since he was 12 years old. He has a passion for government and, at a very young age, learned as much as possible about its inner-workings. (Just ask his teachers.) His young age is just another asset. Weston is his own person with outstanding qualities beyond reproach. He will and could be one of America's great statesmen, not just a politician.

Join me and my husband in voting for Weston Wamp for Congress.


Elect Hazlewood state representative

I met Patsy Hazlewood at an event in Soddy-Daisy. I am no one with a title or wanting anything, but I'm an independent voter fed up with the fringe who think they can tell me how much more important their vote is than mine and how much more valuable their opinion is than mine.

I keep reading supporters of Tommy Crangle attack this woman who seems pretty qualified on any standard. She has actually accomplished something on her own and knows what it means to run for a state office.

The way I figure it, if you've got the tea party far right attacking you and the far left running against you, you are most likely the best.

Patsy Hazlewood has my vote and the vote of our family!


No confidence in Alexander

There is nothing more dangerous to our country than a politician voting against his constituents for unconstitutional bills presented in Congress.

I lost confidence in Lamar Alexander because he is with Obama on fracking. He voted for the Fast-Track Amnesty Bill, endorsed Common Core, a tax increase, and cosponsored an Internet sales tax bill.

He voted to fund the implementation of Obamacare and supported the Wyden-Bennett health care bill, which included a mandate to force Americans to buy government-approved health insurance.

We all know the problems of illegal immigrants crossing the border, the stress children are under due to Common Core, and no one is in favor of unnecessary tax increases nor an Internet sales tax.

There is great access to candidates through the Internet and the cable networks so we can get it right and vote for the man or woman who will stand for God, the Constitution and the American people.

When the time comes, two more need to go: Bob Corker and Todd Gardenhire, who I thought was a true conservative.


Dean best man for Court Clerk

I have known Vince Dean for many years. We served together at the Chattanooga Police Department, where we were both supervisors. Vince was always well-respected by his peers. His subordinates were always very dedicated and loyal to him, as well. As a matter of fact, I don't recall any of his peers or subordinates ever having anything other than praise for him. Vince was a mentor to younger supervisors who were often assigned to him for training. His reputation was that he was firm but fair. All in all, I think most everyone who ever worked around him would agree he was one of the best supervisors at the Chattanooga Police Department.

Vince will take his supervisory skills to the Criminal Court clerk's office and create an environment that will translate into friendly, cordial and efficient service to anyone who walks in the office. He will treat everyone with the same amount of respect, whether they be an attorney, a police officer or a defendant. Please vote for my friend Vince Dean.


Headrick inspires confidence

Dr. Mary Headrick gave a very well-thought-out, thorough and informed interview on WTCI's "Tennessee Insider" Friday night. Her understanding of the many issues discussed gave me confidence she will be an important addition as a representative in Congress. If you missed hearing this outstanding citizen, please make an effort to find it online.

I look forward to casting my ballot for Dr. Headrick in November. Please join me.

LOUISE A. RUSSELL, Signal Mountain

Vote Alexander for U.S. Senate

I'd like to echo Claude Ramsey, our former mayor here in Hamilton County, in my support for Lamar Alexander. I was glad to hear Claude on the radio recently, reminding us of all the things Lamar has done - and continues to do - for our state. You don't have to look far in Chattanooga to see what Lamar has done. As governor, he helped us make our city what it is today, and Volkswagen might not be here if Lamar hadn't first kicked things off with Nissan when he was governor. Claude Ramsey knows what he's talking about, because he helped. Lamar's legacy of helping Chattanooga, and the rest of Tennessee, continues today. He was one of the main figures behind recent legislation that will help free up more funding for the replacement of Chickamauga Lock. Getting it done as much as six years earlier will mean more jobs for our area.

Vote Lamar Alexander for U.S. Senate!


Put Fleischmann back in Congress

Chuck Fleischmann has done an outstanding job for the 3rd District for the past two terms, and will do an outstanding job when he is re-elected.

His opponent, Weston Wamp, needs to start at the bottom and run for City Council to get some experience before trying to go straight to the top.

I encourage my friends in Lookout Valley to vote for Chuck Fleischmann for 3rd District Congress on Aug. 7.


Wamp will vote what benefits him

According to the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, Chuck Fleischmann and Weston Wamp faced each other about the upcoming election and discussed the issues. From what I gathered, Wamp might follow his father's path and vote for anything according to his whims and what the "president" wants. Remember the Iraq War? Zach Wamp voted for the war in the beginning in 2003 and the presidential surge later.

Weston is prone to play either side he thinks will benefit him most. He has indicated both sides of the aisle should come together. Fleischmann sticks to the issues and says Obama's radical, wavering and self-appointed dictatorial ways are not to be trusted. Our future is at stake, and about 84 percent of the population know it and want to stay clear of Obama's decisions.

I am afraid Weston is too young, immature and inexperienced to separate the good and bad decisions; therefore, he can't be trusted with our future. I don't think he knows the philosophy of either party.


Elect Smith new public defender

One of the important contested political campaigns in Hamilton County is the race for public defender. Steve Smith is seeking to replace Ardena Garth. I have known Steve professionally in his roles as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. As a defense attorney, Steve was an advocate for his client's rights, and as a prosecutor his goal was to always seek justice. He understood his responsibilities. Now, he is ready to accept a new responsibility - protecting the rights of indigent defendants accused of crimes. This is a very important role in our society. It is one of many important constitutional safeguards in our republic. Steve understands the duty of this position to the indigent and the accountability to the taxpayers. Steve has spent a considerable amount of time planning for this campaign after deciding why he wanted to run. He has recognized a need for a change and has a vision for the future of this office.

Because of his experience, integrity and determination, I will cast my vote for Steve Smith.


Be smart and vote in elections

Can one believe, and rely upon, the words and promises of professional politicians anymore? More and more Americans, including those of both major political parties, are asking just that and are not at all happy or satisfied with the answer. Then we the people ask, "Why is this happening to America? Why is this happening to us? Why is this happening to me?" without recognizing that, if America continues on anywhere near the same path and pattern, much worse is yet to come. Could it be that fewer and fewer eligible American voters are thoroughly educating themselves and then constructively voting in every election to make their patriotic voices, educated opinions, constructive desires and concerns for future generations known, and therefore making a constructive, patriotic, forward-thinking difference instead of just allowing a very small percentage of voters to control the outcome of the election, and then blaming them for not voting appropriately? Be smart. Be patriotic. Be forward thinking. Educate yourself regarding the issues and the candidates, and then get out and vote in every election. You and America will be glad you did!