Surpluses, tax hikes don't go together and more letters to the editors

Surpluses, tax hikes don't go together and more letters to the editors

January 6th, 2017 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Surpluses, tax hikes don't go together

From Jeff Hartline at Tennessee Spotlight: "If Tennessee has had massive surpluses the past two years, then where is that money being housed and what is being done with it?" Great question.

And the Times Free Press Thursday report states: "Haslam seeking 'comfort level' on gas taxes." So what happened to the "surplus" in state funds? We don't have enough money to maintain the roads? We have to raise taxes?

There are some basic elements which our government is called to address — one of them is road maintenance. Are we unable to plan for road maintenance?

Somebody help me understand how "surplus" and raising taxes go hand in hand.

Donna Budnick

Winchester, Tenn.

Letter writer will be in for 'rude awakening'

About last Sunday's letter to the editor, "Distortions damage writer:"

It never ceases to amaze me either how blind and distorted right-wing people are when it comes to the facts. If Trump was so interested in jobs here in the United States in the first place, why are his ties and shirts made in Bangkok and China for pennies and sold at Macy's today? And to meet with Kanye West, who had just been released from the psych ward, really speaks volumes. To speak about issues such as bullying and violence when that is exactly what ensued at Trump rallies throughout the United States. What nerve! And it doesn't take a genius to see there is something wrong with the fact this man refuses to acknowledge Putin hacked into our election process.

You think President Obama hasn't done anything? He wasn't perfect by any means, but when gas prices hit sky high again and every protection for our benefit to keep clean air and to avoid a housing busts are overturned and the rich get richer at the expense of the little guy, then you tell me he didn't do anything. You are in for a rude awakening.

Lynn Mitchell

Common sense gun laws needed now

What is the opposite of common sense? Is it more freedom so that the herd thins?

That's a fairly cynical answer, and hopefully not true, but for the sake of making the point, when it comes to firearms it is often the innocent, the most vulnerable of our society who are at greatest risk for injury because we're not using our common sense.

Guns kill people. They are quite efficient at their intended purpose, a marvel of good old human ingenuity.

Tennessee legislation will be chock full of not-smart gun legislation (think teachers in K-12 allowed to bring firearms into classrooms kind of foolishness), or terribly thought-out, NRA-driven, dangerous proposal.

If you're a teacher, be informed about the latest of what lawmakers have always done, and are continuing to do: Inform teachers about what is best for them in their classrooms while having little-to-zero experience in the classrooms themselves.

Let's be educated and prepared to discuss safe alternatives protected by the 2nd Amendment.

It is not about taking guns away. It's about common sense implementation of weaponry in a free society. The larger herd accomplishes the larger goals.

Jamie Gaines

Signal Mountain

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