Let's ditch division and unite for USA and more letters to the editors

Let's ditch division and unite for USA and more letters to the editors

September 12th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Let's ditch division and unite for USA

Could Al Franken's humor skip him along to slip on a banana peel and fall on his backside in the White House?

It could be a breath of fresh air, a belly laugh leaving us relieved and seeing the USA with new eyes.

Maybe tamp down the anger in both parties and leave us with a unified goal to live on this globe understanding our country and other countries.

Gene Vredeveld


Harrison does not need another landfill

This letter is to protest of the proposed rezoning in Harrison for a new 23-plus acre construction and demolition landfill. Harrison has a large active garbage landfill and closed landfills. There are alternative active C&D sites in Bradley County, and VAAP (VAAP has 75-plus acres already designated landfill), so there is no need for a new landfill.

This neighborhood is that, a neighborhood!

With nearby Harrison Bay State Park, Bear Trace golf course and the Tennessee River, it is grossly irresponsible for the city and county to consider building another C&D dump in the middle of this. The health consequences for our children and community from more polluted groundwater and surface water runoff would be immeasurable, as would the financial impact on the home values in this growing area.

Another landfill does not belong here. Interested parties can also call the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Planning Commission at 423-643-5902.

Steve Nelson, Harrison


Medical marijuana can save lives

While living in New Jersey, where medical marijuana is distributed in a secure facility, my husband could control his seizures without Valium, Depacote, Gabipentin and Dilantin. His neurologist was thrilled.

Y'all keep saying you need proof that it helps. Check out the information firsthand from sufferers. Parkinson patients can stop shaking, PTSD patients can live a life again, pain is alleviated.

There is no "high"! I don't think the powers that be even realize that. The pharmaceutical companies are the enemy here.

My husband's previous meds made him a monster I almost divorced. You need a doctor's prescription. The doctor needs to know your history.

Please please allow this wonder plant to help those who need it. Please don't make us move back to New Jersey.

Sherri De Rose


Child or animal abusers deserve jail time

I agree with recent letter writer "Miss Marcia," as she used to be known.

Some people think more of pets than their children. But most people love their children and pets the same.

When either children or pets are abused, I cry.

I believe anyone who hurts children or pets should be punished in jail for a long time. They should not be in jail to watch cartoons.

Jennifer Bradford

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