January 17th, 2010 in Opinion Rants

TWRA GAMED the system to judge shop. Who else did? Can other designs be parsed from the data?

HOW IS moving a trial to another county, attempting an insanity plea, or harassment suits different from judge shopping?

WHAT WERE the two Hamilton County conservative judges (who were being shopped) guilty of if Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency was guilty of "judge shopping"?

AL GORE, stand on my front porch with me this frigid morning and tell me about your famous inventions, the Internet and now, global warming.

BRRRR. HAS Al Gore returned his Nobel Peace Prize yet?

EVERY JANUARY my EPB bill is double, and I have gas heat. Why? It's a simple question. I expect a simple answer.

EXACTLY WHAT are the 14 freedoms we have lost in the last 14 months (12 of Obama, two of Bush)? Be specific when making charges!

THE PERSON who wrote that Carter was the worst president ever until Obama has a very short memory; does he not remember George W. Bush?

PALIN JOINS Fox for big, big money, you betcha! Did you "tea folks" really think she was speaking out for you?

NO HALL of Fame for Mr. McGwire, who by the way needs to learn the art of an apology.

THE CITY IS picking up leaves with a claw truck. Isn't that like eating soup with a toothpick?