April 8th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

MOST TENNESSEE legislators say that they don't "believe" in evolution, but they continue to exhibit the intellectual capacity of their monkey ancestors.

REP. FLEISCHMANN opposes big government, yet he expects big government to fund Chickamauga Dam renovation. Has he checked his tongue lately? Is it forked?

PRESIDENT OBAMA promised to be a uniter, and sometimes he is: This week his proposed budget was voted down 414 to zip by Congress.

IF I HAD THE type of health care the Supreme Court justices have, the argument over Obamacare would be a spectator's sport.

MAYBE COMPASSIONATE liberals will stop bashing Dick Cheney since his change of heart. Perish the thought he might have received the heart of a Democrat.

GASOLINE USAGE has decreased. Gasoline prices have risen. Prices should be falling if there is competition. Price fixing or greed?

THE "TASK FORCE'' on gang violence should include Brainerd principal Charles Joynes. His approach is realistic to the problems through daily experience. Listen to him!

CHANGES TO the Bessie Smith Strut are not racism, they're safety. Chattanooga ranks 67th in the country in crime rates. Some changes are called for.

MAYOR LITTLEFIELD: Strut out of Chattanooga -- nobody in this city wants you here.

THE STRUT is to M.L. King what Christmas is to the mall. Sorry, M.L.King, no Christmas for you this year.

IF YOU COMPLAIN about outrageous corporate salaries and benefits, why doesn't a $96 million contract for one football player deserve your attention?