April 29th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

CITY COUNCIL green roof: I don't even know what to say. Do the math! Yet another shameful misuse of our tax dollars!

EXCUSE ME! Why is betting on a poker game illegal but it's OK to bet on drawing the right numbers in the state lottery?

I CAN VOTE for a Republican, owned and controlled by corporations and banking, or a socialist Democrat? Is this what America has become?

OBAMA DIDN'T cause it, Romney can't fix it. Congress legislates. Vote Republicans out of office and save what's left of the middle class.

CONGRATULATIONS TO forward-thinking Volkswagen, Wacker, Southern Adventist University and Chattanooga Airport for using solar panels for energy. Way to go.

WHY CAN'T OUR community respond against gangs with the same vigor as it did against the cancellation of the Strut? Seriously, why?

DON'T BE surprised if one day you pick up a dozen eggs at the store and they'll be stamped LAID in China.

EVOLUTION DENIERS, want your arguments taken seriously? Then learn to define evolution accurately! We'll still laugh at you, but it's the least you can do.

AM I THE only non-NRA member in Tennessee? They own our legislature and make state laws. In the Wild West guns were checked at saloons!

IF OUR ELECTED officials take credit for adding 3,500 manufacturing jobs shouldn't they take blame for the net 14,000 lost since 2000?

WITH MR. ANDERSON'S retirement, there will be a large surplus of "question" or "quotation" marks that are no longer "needed" in the right-page editorials.