January 29th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

HORRORS! THE first lady wants to replace French fries and pizza with an apple or broccoli in our school lunches. We simply can't allow it.

SOMEONE WHO'S been successful in business just might be the person to get this country out of debt and back on its feet.

HOW APPROPRIATE! A picture of the Republican candidates and an article on pelvic exams side by side on Monday's front page! Two things I dread!

OBAMA CALLS for a millionaire tax hike. Millionaires Alexander and Corker scream foul.

THOSE IN THE military should not be allowed to vote absentee. No voter ID! (Sarcasm intended.)

YES, POSTING the Ten Commandments is definitely our top priority in Tennessee. Forget the economy, education, our crumbling infrastructure and health care. Vote them out.

FLOYD WANTS to protect us from men wearing dresses. How about men carrying guns into public places?

JIM COPPINGER and the Hamilton County Commission have declared this School Board Appreciation Week. I guess that makes up for the money they won't release.

ERLANGER'S RECOVERY plan: Eliminate one executive bonus recipient, draw a new organizational chart with the same unsuccessful people in charge and expect a different outcome!

ONE NEWSCAST referred to the Costa Concordia tragedy as the "real life Titanic." Did the news editor think Titanic was a work of fiction?

WHAT'S WITH Tuesday's paper? Only four pages of articles in Section A. No international news except one-half page on C4. Shame!