July 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Rants

DREW JOHNSON: Discussions are appreciated. Personal, mean, derogatory editorials merely reflect poorly on the writer.

THE LATEST STRATEGY by the tea party to avoid paying taxes is to renounce their American citizenship. Good riddance. Freedom is not free.

OUR CONCERN should not be how Romney earned and spends his money, but where Obama is spending ours!

THE PAST PRESIDENT of the Hamilton County Medical Society says that Obamacare is good for us. Rush Limbaugh says it's bad. Who do you trust?

IT'S LOOKING a whole lot like Republican primary voters, casting a ballot for Berke's seat, have a choice between Pinocchio and Yosemite Sam.

HOW DOES giving the rich tax breaks which they deposit in offshore bank accounts help with job creation in the U.S.?

BLAME THOMAS Jefferson and the Constitution, which mandates separation of church and state. Conservatives conveniently ignore the Constitution when it doesn't suit them.

DEMOCRATS, WHERE are you? Did someone cut your vocal cords?

DEMOCRAT V. REPUBLICAN? If you are so stupid to keep believing these lying lawyers, then go ahead and once again, pick your poison.

I CAN ALMOST hear the folks in Washington, D.C., saying, "Let them eat cake ..."

HOW CAN THE county-paid Chamber of Commerce CEO make more than the Tennessee governor? $180,000 v $173,000.

THAT COLLECTION of rapacious rapscallions, scoundrels and scalawags known as the county commissioners might want to try something other than praying. It is not working.