April 7th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

OBAMA PROCLAIMS April the month to teach young people "How to Budget Responsibility." Great joke from a fool without a budget!

@TNGOP TWEETS that people are moving to Tennessee, the third-poorest state, to prosper. Proof that Republicans have lost their minds.

WHY DON'T WE sell water to Georgia? Sounds like a great source of new revenue. Alabama could benefit, too.

OF COURSE HASLAM'S not expanding Medicaid for the poor; they can't afford to contribute to his campaign like his private insurance buddies.

THE TENNESSEE Legislature is considering letting the parties choose nominees for U.S. Senate without a primary. Let the people choose their own hacks for office.

THANKS TO THE shenanigans pulled by the Tennessee Legislature, I no longer tell anyone where I live when I travel. It's much too embarrassing.

IN AS MUCH as the Hamilton County taxpayers are paying for the new Law Enforcement Firearms Training Center, said taxpayers should have access to it.

PEOPLE PROTESTING the distillery should focus on corporations creating junk food fueling the obesity epidemic and the astronomical medical costs leading to our economic destruction.

SCHOOL BOARD members, their spouses or their children shouldn't be educators. Impossible to be impartial and nonpolitical when your vote affects your family.

REPUBLIC PARKING is going to hurt downtown businesses if they continue to be so aggressive in their parking enforcement.

IF TENNESSEANS should stop buying Krystals, I suppose we Georgians should stop buying the "Times" and eating at Cracker Barrel.