April 28th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

WILL OBAMA now demand laws banning pressure cookers or at least requiring a background check to buy one at a yard sale?

OUR SENATORS ARE against background checks. Over 80 percent of people favor them. How much in campaign funds do they receive from the NRA?

I OWN A NEW Passat and think it's wonderful. Why won't VW advertise? They need to tell their story like Toyota, Ford and others.

WILL THE NEW Bush library have a "Completely Unnecessary War" exhibit?

FORGET COMING downtown. Ticket on Sunday for parking motorcycle in space at Big River Grille that seemed marked for motorcycles. Money racket for Republic Parking.

COMPROMISE: ONE right party and one wrong party making an agreement that both know is wrong. Thank you to my elected employees!

AM I THE ONLY person getting calls from people referring to the entire Tennessee state government as "embarrassing?"

NEVER TRUST big business to do what is right or moral. Always trust big business to do whatever is the most profitable.

NONPROFIT HOSPITALS, making millions and millions in profits, have a secret. Your hospital bill is an opening bid. They'll never tell you you can negotiate.

OBAMA'S LAMENTS over children killed by gunfire ring hollow in view of his radical pro-abortion voting record.

WHY CAN'T St. Elmo Avenue be repaved? The worst street I have ever driven on! It is a shameful piece of highway!