August 18th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

IF AL QAEDA has been decimated, why close 22 embassies, Mr. President? Who are we afraid of?

WHAT WOULD Jesus do: Spend $700,000 erecting big crosses, or spend $700,000 helping the poor?

SHOULD THOSE cross about three crosses, privately funded, be more cross about the debt and death from warfare and welfare, publicly funded?

IT IS A MUCH worse crime to deprive a young child of his dad than it is to be in possession of seven shotgun shells!

THE "TODAY SHOW" said that the recession is over. Tell that to the increasing numbers of clients at the Food Bank.

IF A DOCTOR APPROVES a procedure, then all insurance policies should cover the cost.

GEORGIA MOVES border: It gets Tennessee water and East Ridge City Council. Be careful what you wish for.

COMMISSIONERS' PRAYERS are not a violation of the Constitution. Our country was founded on the religious freedom for all religions!

WHY DOES ANY religion think that it has all of the rights: Christianity, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion?

PEOPLE TRAVELING south on Highway 27: Please slow down in the work zone. Someone is going to be killed or seriously injured.

CAN WE LEARN TO disagree without being hateful? If we cannot, we will create a world devoid of peace and joy. Our fault.