December 15th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Obamacare will fail because the young ideologues who thought they needed free contraceptives will not pay $3,000 for insurance they think they do not need.

In America, anyone can be elected president. It's just one of the chances that we take.

Thanks Tennessee Republican politicians for turning down $1.4 billion in federal funds to provide health care for our citizens. You have yours. Why worry?

Real progress is displayed in attitudes. Petitions prove Chattanooga is still a backward, Southern city.

Signing the petition should not imply that folks are against this issue. It means that folks are in favor of having a referendum only.

Why do you have a city council if people are going to go over their heads and put it on the ballot?

No, defense lawyer Davis, a reasonable man does not, after calling 911, walk outside of a house and shoot a defenseless man.

Unions have far outlived their purpose in this country. They would do good in developing countries such as China.

Why isn't it fraud when a company lures you to work for them with a benefit then eliminates or changes the benefit when you retire?

Fast food workers want $15 an hour, $31,000 a year. Teachers make $36,000 after four years of college and state exams. Yep, school dropouts deserve it!

Nothing screams romance like a rental storage unit in Cleveland, Tenn.