January 27th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

HILLARY'S RANTS, obfuscations and lies just about have the Benghazi cover-up correct. She's right, no one has worked harder.

IT WOULD BE a good guess that 99.9 percent of those Lee University singers voted for Romney!

WILL BUSINESSES continue to use the excuse of "uncertainty" to keep from hiring the next four years, too?

YOU PEOPLE IN Congress are the problem, not the solution. In 2014 we will vote you and other Republicans out of Congress.

ONLY CRIMINALS don't like background checks.

IF ALIENS OF higher intelligence in the universe were watching, even they'd be stumped to understand a gun frenzy after a massacre of children.

A SHOOTER KILLS 20 people. Our self-appointed dictator's solution is revoking everybody's freedom and controlling an essential industry.

DON'T BLAME guns, blame this permissive society.

TWO MORE texting-while-driving deaths leave a child without parents. How much longer do we ignore this lethal addiction?

IS THERE SOME unwritten rule that says a big rig must jackknife in the Ridge Cut at least twice a week or what?

WHY DO I have to shop Kroger in Dalton? Do Chattanoogans just not like quality grocers with competitive prices?