July 21st, 2013 in Opinion Rants

IF YOU DON'T like the rants, don't read them; some of us enjoy them.

CHALK UP ANOTHER victory for our gun culture. Certainly no justice for a black man in this country. RIP, Trayvon.

THE U.S. DOES not need the president commenting on local criminal cases. Let the law take its course without that influence.

THE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN verdict is right on! Does anyone recall the O.J. Simpson outcome?

CORKER'S IMMIGRATION bill amendment gives $38 billion to the defense industry. Instead, he should fence the border with the Abrams tanks the Army doesn't want.

MAYOR BERKE, congrats on the barge. Now, how about some attention to the Parkway Towers that ruins the Finley Stadium surroundings.

WHY DID THE chicken cross the road? Because the City Council did not change its zoning ordinance, that's why.

SHAME ON Chattanooga State - murdering the innocent geese!

I HAD RATHER have a chicken living next door than a gang living in my neighborhood!

ALL SQUIRRELS have "La Bamba" playing in their heads.

BEFORE ANY senator or representative casts a vote, they should be required to "swear" an oath that they have read the law, bill or amendment!