November 10th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Republicans are preoccupied with the unborn, but all the while they are depriving living, breathing children of food, health, and educational benefits. What gives?

Please! Please! Please! Someone out there ask President Obama when he and Michelle and his girls signed up for the ACA or Obamacare!

Ron Hart always intrigues me. He writes with the wisdom of a Southerner who lived life full out and looks at it with a smile.

Thanks CPD for six racers being stopped at one time on Highway 153. It's about time to stop the race track speeders!

I have a problem giving people free food so that they can buy cigarettes, illegal drugs, tattoos, and alcohol. These people don't need food stamps!

Fred Skillern has done more for schools than most people. Go, Fred!

Everyone has the right to not listen to anyone talking about any type of religion. I choose to ignore all except Christians.

Don't look down your nose at a homeless person standing in line to get a meal because it could be you tomorrow.

Signs across I-75 should read, "Stop reading this sign and drive."

Remember when local newscasts started their newscasts with local news?

If the headlines or photos printed above the Times Free Press banner are important enough to print, why are they covered with a stick-on advertisement?