October 20th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THINK OF THE money we would save if the government was really shutdown and all the politicians and bureaucrats were sent home.

ONE TEA PARTIER to another: "Let's shut down the government and then complain about the closings."

FEDERAL EMPLOYEES are off the job but will be paid their wages anyway. Isn't that called "vacation"?

WHERE'S JOE BIDEN? White House is trying to get his feet out of his mouth. Under Obamacare, they can't find a doctor to do it!

THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE says, "One Nation Under God," and our money says "In God We Trust." What is the problem?

BEFORE YOU GET all huffy and outraged about the shutdown, remember, you elected these nimrods. You. You did this.

"IF THOSE POLICE officers are reinstated, no one in the city will be safe" lacked "if they are coked-up felons armed with a knife resisting arrest."

MCKAMEY BOARD members: Put your personalities aside and do your job! Work for the benefit of the animals!

MOVE 500 STATE workers and a couple thousand clients they see every day into an already congested area that has no freeway access? Genius!

IF YOU ARE being passed on the right, get over! D.M.V. rules. Southern hospitality.

THE LACK OF COLOR in the TFP during your transition is a blessing, not a curse. Why haven't you consulted your readers on your "upgrades?"