The Rant

The Rant

August 17th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Ever walked up and hit a hornet's nest? No. Well, Hamas is not that smart.

FYI, there is a distinct difference between immigrant, illegal-immigrant and citizen, and it must never change.

Congratulations, Chuck Fleischmann. Half your district wanted you gone. Remember that the next time you spout that far right drivel.

The little boy whines. Typical of immature, spoiled kids. Congratulations, Chuck.

Mike Bell and Ron Ramsey have egg all over their faces after the Supreme Court justices' vote. Maybe they will listen to others now.

There are straight Christians who have been married several times. Biblically, I suspect most of these marriages are adulterous unions. Take away their benefits.

With all the shootings in Chattanooga, does anyone think that new Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher wishes he'd stayed in Austin,Texas?

Can somebody explain the difference between a teen texting while driving and a Chattanooga police officer playing with his on-board computer while driving?

Great! Tourists visit the city and are presented with an $11 parking ticket. Outrage! Refund the $11 immediately.

The 97 percent who are not LGBT are tired of having the 3 percent who are in their faces constantly.

Great location for the Bass Pro Shop near Camp Jordan. I hope there is a dock since they'll be in the lake when it rains.