January 12th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Bennett's cartoon was poignant about unemployment benefits. It failed, however, to draw footsteps in the snow from a Democrat who emptied out the guys pockets!

The computer techies and analysts who worked on Obama's state-of-the-art election and reelection machine obviously didn't touch Obamacare. Too bad.

Ask yourself, "Do I want my health insurance managed by the same government that manages the 'Do Not Call List'?

The cruel MSNBC progressives, with their faux caring and compassion, are stoking, along with Fox News, the bitter divide in the U.S. It must stop!

Thank heaven for global warming or it would be really cold!

Congratulations to Corrine Hill, Librarian of the Year! Aren't we lucky to have her at the Chattanooga Public Library?

Forget the bike lanes -- fix/repair our streets and roadways.

Do you think Cracker Barrel still believes that tail wags the dog?

If the standard of living weren't so high in jail, maybe there wouldn't be so many prisoners. Yet another example of wasted tax dollars.

Cable companies jacking up subscription costs would do well to remember the concept of "Zero TV". What a fool I am to pay your prices.

The popular "big box" retail store sells guns and ammo but not pepper spray? Must the primary deterrent be lethal?