The Rant

The Rant

June 22nd, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Where is Saddam Hussein when you need him?

Do those folks calling for the impeachment of Obama really want Joe Biden as president?

Hillary Clinton, name one achievement during your public life. Belittling those who disagree with you doesn't count.

Eric Cantor defeated in Virginia primary. Can Lamar Alexander be far behind? Defeat those who claim to be conservative. Vote liberal.

Two hundred and fifty-plus dogs and only one count of cruelty to animals? That's a joke.

Chattanooga Whiskey was approved in Chattanooga to create jobs. It did Sunday morning -- jobs for policemen, magistrate, jailer, judge, prosecutor, criminal court clerk, etc.

Competence should be a requirement for holding public office. Have we learned nothing from the Obama administration? If not, vote for Rhonda Thurman.

The election has been over for weeks. Candidates, pick up your signs!

Bass Pro Shop: East Ridge leadership wants a pat on the back for doing something right. Maybe the next elections will bring some common sense.

Fix the Ridge Cut and fix the 75/24 split! We already have enough rural highways unneeded and unused!

As far as I am concerned, rounding up of bills is theft. And donating that to some group I do not support compounds the situation.