The Rant

The Rant

May 11th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

It is unconscionable that a U.S. ambassador is murdered and the truth covered up for political gain.

Denying climate change due to global warming once was ignorant. Now it is stupid.

The same people who can't accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday can predict polar ice caps will melt away in 10 years!

In response to the botched Oklahoma execution, did the killer follow procedure for burying his victim alive?

I wish today's leaders understood that government is government and church is church.

Tennessee American Water, you are killing me. Stop with the surcharges to an already high water and sewer bill.

Thanks, Comcast. I'm actually loving the new X1 system, and now you're going to take it away and send me to Charter?

How about paving Northpoint Boulevard and Crescent Club Lane in Hixson rather than spending $35 million on a light rail system?

To the person who couldn't care less what the Catholic cult is up to: I'm not Catholic, but I find your remark offensive.

The purpose of a Christian college is to train Christians for the Lord's service, not to debate various religions, ideologies, dogma, etc.

Your readers and subscribers will miss John Vass. The Times Free Press staff and employees will miss him more.