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March 21st, 2013 in Opinion Times

Readers respond to an Associated Press report about Clarksville, Tenn., limiting the number of cars in a funeral procession to six.

A person shouldn't be stopped from being in a procession or paying their respects for any reason.

- Rachel Harper

I think there should be a limit, but six is too few. Sometimes when I drive near one it's hard to tell when it ends.

-- Dan Eveland

While no one likes to get stuck behind a funeral procession, I think it's appalling to set a limit to the amount of cars allowed. It's disrespectful and ignorant.

-- Denise Hopkins

We'll just have to figure out how to get more people in six vehicles.

- Daniel Morgan

Am I the only one that likes this idea? It's not like they're saying you can't go to the funeral, just for safety reasons limiting the cars in a funeral procession.

- Shaun Hammel

No government should try to limit the amount of respect that family and friends want to show.

- Keith Ballew

I really hope they don't do that. It's where we say goodbye and have a closure. Get together and mourn, talk about the life of that person, it's a way of healing.

- Robin Bales

Absolutely not. The dead deserve to have all of their loved ones there at their funeral. No limit should ever be set.

- Amber Allen