Khristy Wilkinson to head Hamilton County Democrats amid 'complete rout' of established leaders

Published Mar. 27 2017

The Hamilton County Democratic Party has elected Khristy Wilkinson to serve as its new chairwoman.

Ken Smith subtly, but publicly, announces possible 2021 mayoral run

Published Mar. 25 2017

Chattanooga City Councilman Ken Smith has subtly, but publicly, announced he is taking a serious look at a mayoral run...

Chattanooga Councilman-elect Anthony Byrd leaves Hamilton County courthouse job

Published Mar. 22 2017

Anthony Byrd is leaving a 22-year career in the Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk's Office so he can serve on...


Chattanooga to put reappraisal bill to rest for 2017

Published Mar. 22 2017

With a little more paperwork, Chattanooga will be off the hook for a proposed $557,000 appraisal bill for 2017.

Rossville voters agree to expanding sales of alcohol

Published Mar. 21 2017

Residents and visitors to Rossville soon will be able to order a margarita or cocktail with their meals and buy...

Early voting starts Wednesday for Chattanooga runoff election

Published Mar. 21 2017

Early voting starts Wednesday for the 2017 Chattanooga municipal election runoff, with a pair of City Council seats on the...

Three Tennessee death row inmates lose Supreme Court appeals

Published Mar. 21 2017

The Supreme Court has rejected appeals from three Tennessee death-row inmates who say they should not be executed because they...

Hamilton County Commission, school board heat up debate over construction priorities

Published Mar. 15 2017

The Hamilton County Commission and school board spent more than two hours talking at the same table Tuesday night, but...

Chattanooga City Council accepts $6 million tax settlement with Alstom

Published Mar. 15 2017

The Chattanooga City Council approved a $6 million settlement with Alstom Tuesday to refund tax breaks the city and Hamilton...

Bradley County Democratic Party to host meeting

Published Mar. 15 2017

The Bradley County Democratic Party will host a meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at the Cleveland Bradley County Public Library...

Hamilton election commissioners recommend new election cycle for Chattanooga

Published Mar. 11 2017

In light of low voter turnout this week, some Hamilton County election commissioners are calling for Chattanooga to bundle its...

Early voting hours set for Chattanooga runoff election

Published Mar. 10 2017

The Hamilton County Election Commission has approved the ballots and early voting hours for the Chattanooga runoff election.

Officials cite voter fatigue for low voter turnout in mayoral election

Published Mar. 10 2017

Hamilton County's political party chiefs are still crunching Chattanooga election voter data, but no one contests the races for mayor...

Two City Council seats headed for runoffs; Anthony Byrd upsets Moses Freeman in District 8 race

Published Mar. 8 2017

In an upset, Anthony Byrd unseated Moses Freeman tonight on the Chattanooga City Council, and two other council races are...

Berke defeats three challengers in re-election bid, wins 64 percent of the vote

Published Mar. 7 2017

Andy Berke seized tonight the Chattanooga mayor's seat for the second time, coming out on top in a four-way race.

Jerry Mitchell beats Mickey McCamish in race for Chattanooga's District 2 City Council seat

Published Mar. 7 2017

Mitchell, 62, the incumbent, has been on the city council since 2013. He is the council's vice chair and heads...

Chip Henderson wins re-election to City Council's District 1

Published Mar. 7 2017

Chip Henderson won tonight's election for the District 1 Chattanooga City Council Seat.

Yusuf Hakeem to face Demetrus Coonrod in runoff for District 9 City Council seat

Published Mar. 7 2017

Long-serving councilman Yusuf Hakeem will face Demetrus Coonrod in a run-off election April 11 for the District 9 seat on...

Chris Anderson will face Erskine Oglesby in runoff for District 7 City Council seat

Published Mar. 7 2017

Chris Anderson was not able to collect 50 percent of the vote tonight and will face Erskine Ogelsby in a...

Ken Smith, Darrin Ledford, Carol Berz win unopposed

Published Mar. 7 2017

Carol Berz, Darrin Ledford and Ken Smith won their city council seats on Tuesday without facing any opposition.

Russell Gilbert wins re-election for District 5 City Council seat

Published Mar. 7 2017

Gilbert, the incumbent, has been in office since 2008. Among his accomplishments, he lists infrastructure improvements to Lightfoot Mill Road...


Today's city election: What you need to know about the candidates, polling places and issues

Published Mar. 7 2017

Voting is underway for the Chattanooga city election.

Bradley County Commission won't stand against state gas hike

Published Mar. 7 2017

Most Bradley County commissioners say they don't think it's their business as a body to tell state lawmakers how to...