Golf gifts appreciated by many fathers

Golf gifts appreciated by many fathers

June 12th, 2013 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

A Bushnell Laser Rangefinde v3, available in the "Patriot Pack," is a golf gift idea for Father's Day.

Photo by Doug Strickland /Times Free Press.

Golf gift ideas for Father's Day.

Golf gift ideas for Father's Day.

It can be hard to buy just the right gift for Dad.

Quite often, if there's something he needs, he'll go out and buy it on his own instead of asking for it as a gift.

But the right gift for the golfing dad can help make for the perfect Father's Day. The Times Free Press consulted with the owners at Golf Headquarters and product representatives to provide a few suggestions for Sunday.

"This is when everybody gets a golf buzz, with the Masters behind us and hot tournaments going on around us right now," Golf Headquarters operations manager Josh Williams said. "Everybody wants to try the new stuff."

Please remember: Keep the receipt, you know, just in case Dad wants to buy what he wants. After all, he probably has what he needs.


What he'd like: One of two things, either a laser that gives exact yardage to a certain target or a GPS system, such as a SkyCaddie, that provides additional information. Professional caddies use laser range-finders when scouting courses for their player on every pro golf tour. They're also easy to use -- point and shoot.

Shown here: Bushnell's Tour v3 Patriot Pack with a suggested price of $399.99.

Golf bags

What he'd like: Bags are getting lighter every year and with good reason. Lighter is better. Bags should be easy to move from the trunk to the cart and back again. A set of pockets -- especially for his wallet, keys and phone -- is very important. Individual slots for each club can be beneficial as well.

Shown here: The Sun Mountain C130 with suggested price of $214.99.


What he'd like: A small umbrella is fine for walking on the sidewalk on a rainy day. But when summer storms start pouring, bigger is better. It's important to keep towels, grips and gloves as dry as possible. A venting umbrella prevents it from going inside-out.

Shown here: the Shed Rain WindPro Elite with a suggested price of $39.99.

Golf shoes

What he'd like: There are numerous choices. They can remain traditional or look more like loafers or even running shoes. That's a growing trend for cleatless shoes that can be worn on the course or in the office.

Shown here: AdiZero Tour (above) with a suggested price of $179.99 and the Puma Fast-Light, $89.99.


What he'd like: They need to look good on the counter and on his nose. They need to be durable for when he sets them on the cart seats and sits on them. And lastly, they should help show the contrast in colors to assist in reading greens.

Shown here: Maui Jim's Fleming Beach (left) with a suggested price of $189.00 and the Maui Jim Hot Sands, $189.00


What he'd like: Socks are socks, right? Wrong. The moisture-wicking technology used in golf shirts by many companies and even slacks by some companies has expanded into socks. Blisters can arise for someone walking 18 holes and even nine on occasion. Kentwool socks come with a blister-free guarantee.

Shown here: Kentwool's Low-Profile with a suggested price of $19.95.


What he'd like: The glove is the only thing between a golfer's hand and the club when it smacks the ball. Traditional leather tends to be more comfortable and last longer, but synthetic gloves provide a better grip in hot or rainy weather. For around Chattanooga, synthetic is probably better. Remember, buy a glove for the left hand of a right-handed golfer.

Shown here: Bionic Performance glove (below) with a suggested price of $24.99.

Golf balls

What he'd like: Titleist owns a large share of the golf-ball market with its Pro V1 series, but those balls are designed for golfers with single-digit handicaps. Dad wants a ball that he can hit a long distance but can also hit straight. An occasional golfer doesn't need the expensive balls, because he'll lose them just as quickly as the lower-priced rocks. But the Pro V1 is the most popular for competitive golfers.

Shown here: Titleist Pro V1 with a suggested price of $47.00 and Wilson Staff Duo, $19.99.