Who golfs? TVA retiree Collins

Who golfs? TVA retiree Collins

June 11th, 2014 by David Uchiyama in Sports - Golf

Rick Collins

Rick Collins

Photo by David Uchiyama /Times Free Press.

Rick Collins


Retired from TVA

Rick Collins has a signature style on the golf course - a wide-brimmed hat.

He wears it for good reason.

He has suffered through bouts of skin cancer after spending major portions of his life in the outdoors, from the days of chasing his dad in a golf cart around Holston Hills Country Club to the 20 something years he coached youth soccer.

"It's not a serious cancer," he said, "but they still have to do some more work."

And Collins believes there's more work to be done on his golf game. He played 27 holes and then spent more than an hour practicing at Valleybrook Golf and Country Club on Tuesday in anticipation of playing in the upcoming member-member tournament.

Some of his practice -- since rejoining Valleybrook -- has involved playing and practicing the game with his wife, Cathy.

"She has been more of a tennis player," he said. "Now that she's picked up golf again, she's doing things she hasn't done in a long time. When she hits one good, I also get the enjoyment of seeing her have fun.

"She's telling me that she wants to practice more."

Golf can be addictive. It also can be generational.

Collins learned the game from his father, took it somewhat seriously in high school, then lost time for it while studying at the University of Tennessee but has played the game almost his entire life.

He has passed the game along to his three sons, who range in age from 32 to 24.

"They play to enjoy, not to be serious," Collins said. "The game is something good that they can carry on."