5 at 10: Super stakes, Tiger Woods and the Naming of a new Studio

5 at 10: Super stakes, Tiger Woods and the Naming of a new Studio

January 24th, 2012 by Jay Greeson in Sports

From the soon to be named studios, let's go.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks towards teammates during a football practice Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011, in Foxborough, Mass. The Patriots are scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks towards...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Super stakes

We'll have something Super Bowl related in every episode of the 5-at-10 from now until kickoff on Sunday, Feb. 5. Hey, it's the Super Bowl, right?

OK, today let's go ahead and get the stakes for the quarterbacks out of the way.

For Tom Brady, a win means you're the best quarterback ever. Period.

A Pats win would be Brady's fourth, matching Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most ever. Plus, Brady is infinitely more accomplished statistically than either of those two and will finish statistically superior to any quarterback with more than one ring. Sure, the passing numbers are skewed toward Brady's era, but which quarterback has done more with less impressive receivers than Brady?

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning throws a pass during an football practice Friday in East Rutherford, N.J. The Giants travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning throws a...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

For Eli Manning, a win is more rewarding and more complicated. First, a win for these Giants makes them the worst Super Bowl champion ever - the Giants were 7-7 with two games to go, their coach was on the hot seat and they are the first team in NFL history to reach the Super Bowl despite finishing in negative numbers in scoring margin for the season. So, that means, Eli would be on the short list of biggest miracle workers in QB lore. Plus, a win for the Giants punches Eli's ticket to Canton. If the ultimate gauge for a quarterback is winning championships, if you're a multiple Super Bowl champ, you're a Hall of Fame dunk.

On a personal/family level, Eli winning a second Super Bowl gives him a huge leg up in the "Which Manning boy is better" discussions. We compared the Manning family to the Corleones of quarterbacks. Archie is Vito and Cooper is Sonny, but we were left with which quarterback is Michael? Since each has won a title, neither is Fredo. Right now, there's some uncertainty about who is Michael and who is Tom Hagen. With a win, Eli is Michael. "It's not personal, Sonny. Strictly business."

Tennessee's Jarnell Stokes goes for a basket against Connecticut's Alex Oriakhi during their upset win over Connecticut Saturday in Knoxville.

Tennessee's Jarnell Stokes goes for a basket against...

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

Big stakes

Tennessee visits Vandy tonight in a game that could be huge for the Vols and is over-sized for the Commodores.

Tennessee is still under .500 at 9-10 and has not won a road game. But the Vols are playing much better of late (and not-so-coincidentally after the addition of Jarnell Stokes) and have wins over two ranked foes.

Vandy started the season with legit thoughts of a run deep into the tournament. Now, the 'Dores still have to mind their BID-ness to make sure they are included in the Dance. That starts tonight.

Vandy should win - the Commodores have more talent. Vandy has the best player on the floor (John Jenkins) and the best home-court advantage in the SEC (Rupp may be bigger and louder and more intimidating, but Memorial Gym is so strange and oddly configured, it takes opponents at least half of the first half to get acclimated).

That said, Tennessee is playing as hard as anyone in the league - and may be as hard as anyone in the country. And when the Vols figure out how to start their offense through Stokes and work from there, they're going to be tough to stop.

Tonight, we'll see if the Vols are ready to take the next step in the Stokes era or if the 'Dores are ready to take their first big step toward reaching their potential. Should be interesting

Tiger Woods hits from the sand at the practice range as he prepares for the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., on Sunday, April 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Tiger Woods hits from the sand at the...

Woods making his debut

Tiger Woods will tee it up this week in Abu Dhabi. It's the first time he has not made his season debut in California, and a big reason for that is the appearance fees that golfers collect in tournaments overseas. So it goes.

Money, though, has always been near the bottom of Woods' concerns.

What now has become Eldrick's rallying cry is he's healthy enough to practice and he's starting to click with new coach Sean Foley's techniques.

All of that is well and good, as is Woods' newer, more humble tone in news conferences. But, Woods getting off to a quick and competitive start is more important this year than in any year of his career.

Woods won the Chevron World Challenge the last time he put a peg in the ground, and a quick start will go a long way to re-establishing the long-absent bullet-proof feelings that made Woods the most dominant figure in all of sports for most of the 2000s.

What should be Woods' expectations for 2012? Multiple wins? A major? Discuss.

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

This and that (Godfather edition)

- "My credit good enough to buy you out?" (Michael to Moe Green): There were more than 10 opening bids for the L.A. Dodgers, according to the L.A. Times. Among the group were a lot of behind the Hollywood big wheels, Mark Cuban and possibly a group that included Magic Johnson. Hyman Roth was not among the bidders.

- "That's my life, I don't apologize for that. But I always thought that when it was your time, that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone, Governor Corleone, something." (Vito Corleone to Michael): It's the direct family business per se, but Ken Griffey Jr.'s son committed to play football at Arizona. Here's saying that Trey Griffey can make some acrobatic catches.

- "I'm a little worried about this Sollozzo fellow. I want you to find out what he's got under his fingernails. Go to the Tattaglias, and tell them you're not too happy with our Family, and find out what you can." (Vito Corleone to Luca Brasi). This is kind of stretch, so bear with us. We love the draft. You know this. B.J. Coleman, our hometown kid that is trying to improve his position in the upcoming NFL draft, continues to have a great week. He was awesome in his awesomeness in Saturday's East-West Shrine Game. Then, Monday at the Senior Bowl, two other big-name QB prospects did not measure well. Russell Wilson checked in at a shade under 5-foot-11 and Kellen Moore was a whisker under 6-feet. Plus, as draft guru Todd McShay wrote on ESPN.com "Moore is only 191 pounds and just does not look the part. He has the body of a high school quarterback, and Moore must add bulk and strength in order to hold up to NFL punishment... I contend that hand size is an underrated aspect of quarterback evaluation, because gripping the ball when throwing in adverse weather or absorbing blows from pass-rushers is key to playing the position. So from that standpoint, Arizona's Nick Foles won the quarterback weigh-in with 10¾ -inch hands, followed by San Diego State's Ryan Lindley at 10?." Coleman's hand measured at more than 11 inches, and if you have ever shook Coleman's paw, you'd believe it.

- "Anyway, Signor Sollozzo, my no to you is final. I want to congratulate you on your new business and I'm sure you'll do very well and good luck to you. Especially since your interests don't conflict with mine. Thank you." (Vito to Sollozzo): How about Chip Kelly's about-face on Tampa Bay, huh? And there were more than a few reporters who had this as a done deal. It was a rough weekend for a lot of reporters. First CBS reported on Saturday night that Joe Paterno died, which was either the earliest scoop ever Madame Tea Leaves and her ouija board or one of the biggest miscues in a while. (And as someone who has been part of a department that prematurely reported someone's death, know that this is a painful experience for everyone involved.) Then the whole Kelly stuff.

Today's question

Here are the entries that were summited for the new studio name. If there are any we left off, be sure to throw them out there.

The 5 at 10 will be unveiling the new studio name tomorrow so if you still haven't sent in your entry you better get on it.

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