Mark Kennedy (Reporter, Photographer)

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Mark Kennedy is an editor and columnist whose work appears in several sections of the Times Free Press. His human interest column "Life Stories" appears each Thursday in the City section. He also writes the "Test Drive" automotive column in the Saturday Business section and the "Family Life" column in the Sunday Life section. He is assistant editor of the Edge business magazine. Kennedy has won the Tennessee Press Association's first-place award for column writing six times, and is also a five-time winner of the newspaper's Best of the Best contest in the columnist/reporter category. He has also been the newspaper's features editor, Sunday editor and opinion editor. Before the merger of Chattanooga's two newspapers in 1998, he was the coordinating editor of the Chattanooga Times. Kennedy lives on Signal Mountain with his wife and two sons. Contact Mark Kennedy at or 423-757-6645. Follow him on Twitter @TFPCOLUMNIST. Subscribe to his Facebook updates at

Kennedy: Ancestry test sparks a mystery

Published Nov. 23 2017

For 55 years, Mary Carpenter thought she was an only child.

Kennedy: Seven traits to teach your children

Published Nov. 19 2017

Our 11-year-old son said one of his assignments in fifth grade last week was to write down three traits about...

Test Drive: Nissan Maxima maximizes bold styling

Published Nov. 18 2017

Nissan's Maxima is a five-passenger sedan designed for people who want to make a visual splash with their automobiles.


Kennedy: Don't take those fancy kitchens for 'granite'

Published Nov. 12 2017

For some reason, HGTV has become a generational flashpoint.

The story chaser: One entrepreneur's journey to bottle memories in a jar

Published Nov. 12 2017

Chris Cummings is a hard guy to pigeonhole.

Test Drive: BMW i3 a cute, quirky urban runabout

Published Nov. 11 2017

Mate a Tesla 3 sedan to a Volkswagen Beetle and you'd get an automobile approximately like the cute and quirky...

Kennedy: Blind Erlanger volunteer has vision of the future

Published Nov. 9 2017

Ann Roberts, 48, has been virtually blind for 23 years, yet her "mind's eye" still has 20-20 vision.

Test Drive: Audi A4 takes auto tech to a new level

Published Nov. 4 2017

In her hit song "Single Ladies," Beyoncé famously shamed an ex-lover with the phrase "you should have put a ring...

The young pilot: World War II pilot recalls harrowing air battle

Published Nov. 3 2017

cms, ms, ben edited

One entrepreneur's journey to allow people to capture their memories in a digital scrapbook

Published Nov. 1 2017

Chris Cummings is a hard guy to pigeonhole.

Kennedy: Cutting the cord, again

Published Nov. 1 2017

Sixteen years ago, on Oct. 31, 2001, I cut the umbilical cord on our firstborn son.

Kennedy: Fish tales from two generations

Published Oct. 29 2017

Circa 1967


Test Drive: Hyundai's hot Elantra GT hatch adds spice

Published Oct. 28 2017

American consumers have mostly been ambivalent about hatchbacks.

Kennedy: How a 1957 VW beetle sparked a 60-year marriage

Published Oct. 26 2017

In the late 1950s, a young Long Island, N.Y., engineer named Luther Brown used his blue 1957 Volkswagen beetle as...

Question: Can you run in a sumo suit?

Published Oct. 22 2017

When you are 10 years old, one of life's burning questions is: "What are you wearing for Halloween?"

Test Drive: 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 coupe exudes refinement

Published Oct. 21 2017

At a certain level of automotive luxury, creature comforts transcend mere amenities and become conversation starters.

Kennedy: Photographer makes giving a snap

Published Oct. 19 2017

Michael Tomshack could be the poster person for "cheerful giving."

Kennedy: Mirror, mirror on the wall

Published Oct. 8 2017

Few events excite our two sons like the arrival of a Vineyard Vines pop-up store.

Test Drive: Black Chevy Tahoe is a mean mama jama

Published Oct. 7 2017

"What car are we taking to school today?" our 15-year-old son called out to me one morning earlier this week.

Kennedy: The town at the bottom of the lake

Published Oct. 5 2017

You probably know the legend of the lost city of Atlantis, but what about the lost community of Rhea Springs,...