Mark Kennedy (Reporter, Photographer)

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Mark Kennedy is an editor and columnist whose work appears in several sections of the Times Free Press. His human interest column "Life Stories" appears each Thursday in the City section. He also writes the "Test Drive" automotive column in the Saturday Business section and the "Family Life" column in the Sunday Life section. He is assistant editor of the Edge business magazine. Kennedy has won the Tennessee Press Association's first-place award for column writing six times, and is also a five-time winner of the newspaper's Best of the Best contest in the columnist/reporter category. He has also been the newspaper's features editor, Sunday editor and opinion editor. Before the merger of Chattanooga's two newspapers in 1998, he was the coordinating editor of the Chattanooga Times. Kennedy lives on Signal Mountain with his wife and two sons. Contact Mark Kennedy at or 423-757-6645. Follow him on Twitter @TFPCOLUMNIST. Subscribe to his Facebook updates at

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz S-Class cabriolet blindingly gorgeous

Published Feb. 25 2017

Can a drop-top coupe be drop-dead gorgeous?

Kennedy: From death's door to top orator, Kathy Dempsey knows a happy ending

Published Feb. 23 2017

Forty years ago as a teenager, Kathy Dempsey was attending Tennessee Temple High School here and throwing newspapers as a...

Kennedy: Why the Academy Awards are a cultural time capsule

Published Feb. 22 2017

The Oscars are less than a week away, and I have seen only two of the nine "Best Picture" nominees:...

Kennedy's Family Life Column: Movies are the ties that bind all of us

Published Feb. 19 2017

The Oscars are a week away, and I have seen only two of the nine Best Picture nominees: the historical...

Test Drive: Toyota Tundra built for the long haul

Published Feb. 18 2017

The United States truck market is so big that even owning a tiny slice of the pie can be lucrative.

Quick Spin: Twin-turbo Alpha Romeo Guilia rockets to notoriety

Published Feb. 17 2017

Today's Quick Spin vehicle is piece of Italian eye-candy that's just arriving in the United States.

Kennedy: Give a kidney, save a life

Published Feb. 16 2017

Imagine you are witness to a dying person whose kidneys have failed. Pretend the hospitalized patient is the mother of...

Kennedy: An end to my technological procrastination

Published Feb. 15 2017

We were one of the last households in our town to get high-speed internet.

Test Drive: New 2017 Kia Sportage has German sensibilities

Published Feb. 12 2017

The Korean car-maker Kia says it benchmarked the Volkswagen Tiguan when redesigning its Sportage compact SUV for 2017.

Kennedy's Family Life Column: Finally getting with the program

Published Feb. 12 2017

We were one of the last households in our town to get high-speed internet.

Test Drive: Ram 1500 Night Edition a factory-custom gem

Published Feb. 11 2017

Why wait to customize your new truck when the factory will do it for you?

Kennedy: NASA pioneers get their due

Published Feb. 9 2017

If I had an Oscar vote, my 'Best Movie' pick for 2016 would go to 'Hidden Figures,' a film about...

Family Life: To read or not to read

Published Feb. 5 2017

Lying in bed, my 10-year-old son was all showered and jammied-up. It was about 8 p.m. on a Sunday night....

Full review of the impressive new Mazda CX-3

Published Feb. 5 2017

The Mazda CX-3 is only in its second model year, yet it's maybe the best-designed, best-riding model in the sub-compact...

Test drive: Jeep Renegade gets sweeter and sweeter

Published Feb. 4 2017

Every vehicle needs a hook — something for owners to brag about to their friends.

Kennedy: A lift from a good Samaritan

Published Feb. 2 2017

Connie Noland, a grandmother from Ringgold, Ga., says she can't shake the memory of a chance encounter in Chattanooga on...

Kennedy: Surgery recovery teaches teen about abundance

Published Feb. 1 2017

There's nothing more pitiful than a hungry, 15-year-old boy who can't chew his food.

Culinary legacies: The durable business secrets of Chattanooga's family eateries

Published Feb. 1 2017

In January 2018, Zarzour's Cafe on Rossville Avenue will turn 100 years old. A Chattanooga landmark, the little family restaurant...

Kennedy's Family Life: After surgery, it's ready, set, eat

Published Jan. 29 2017

There's nothing more pitiful than a hungry, 15-year-old boy who can't chew his food.

Quick Spin: Camry Hybrid sips gas and whispers

Published Jan. 29 2017

When the Toyota Camry Hybrid made its debut for the 2007 model year, gasoline was inching toward $3 a gallon....