Letters to the Editors: GOP can do better at handling nation

Letters to the Editors: GOP can do better at handling nation

April 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

GOP can do better at handling nation

I felt the need to respond to a letter (April 15) titled "You're insane if you vote for GOP." Some people never cease to amaze me! On the contrary, you're insane if you vote liberal/Democrat and continue on the path that the U.S. is currently on! Here is a summary of Obama's first 1,000 days in office, taken from statistics in late October 2011:

An increase in the national debt of $4.2 trillion, with the country now spending $4.2 billion a day more than it takes in.

Some 2.2 million lost jobs, but 140,000 jobs added to the government payroll.

Nearly 3 million more Americans living in poverty than before he took office.

Four million bankruptcies and 2.4 million homes foreclosed on.

Gas prices up 80 percent and health insurance premiums up 13 percent.

Need more be said? The GOP is much better equipped to handle national affairs than this current administration. There is absolutely no comparison.



Sheriff and police did a splendid job

I have not been impressed in a while, but I was on April 16, when Col. Arthur Desjardins was laid to rest in the National Cemetery. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department and the Chattanooga Police Department had a motorcycle/vehicle convoy that was superb. They sealed every intersection from the Chattanooga North Chapel to the National Cemetery. Part of the convoy would seal an intersection, and the other part would race ahead to seal the next one and some already had personnel in place ahead. It was done with precision and was very impressive.

To all of the police force, National Honor Guard, relatives, former military comrades, friends, fellow co-workers, Chattanooga North Chapel and American citizens, who stopped along the highway in honor of the procession, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Environment woes are exaggerated

With pagan elements environmentalists celebrate their religion's holiday in April -- Earth Day. Most environmentalists even see animals and plants as more valuable than people.

Environmentalists exaggerate dangers to the environment while not allowing other sides to be heard. In the 1970s, their cause was overpopulation and air pollution. Today, their cause is global warming. Joanne Nova said, "After spending $30 billion on research no one is able to point to a single piece of evidence that man-made carbon dioxide has a significant effect on climate." Over 31,000 scientists signed a petition challenging man-made global warming and believe increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide may have benefits (www.petitionproject.org).

The U.N. and environmentalists want a carbon tax (cap and trade) on countries like ours. Cap and trade would require America to pay trillions to third world countries that don't pollute.

Dr. Grant Jeffrey's book "The Global Warming Deception" documents the hidden agenda is to bankrupt America and create a global socialist government. Environmentalists can't see the forest for the trees. Global warming is a lot of hot air!


Elizabethton, Tenn.

Act won't increase Medicare premiums

A mass email before the elections in 2010 falsely claimed that the Affordable Care Act would cause dramatic increases in Medicare premiums. The email said the Medicare Part B premium of $96 per month would increase to $247 per month in 2014.

The email was designed to frighten and anger senior citizens and provoke them to vote against Democrat candidates for office. The email apparently influenced a writer who used those exact figures in his letter (April 19) complaining about the alleged increase "hidden in ObamaCare."

AARP and FactCheck.org have demonstrated that the claim is patently false. Affordable Care will not increase Medicare premiums.


Signal Mountain