'So disheartened' by 2024 'choices' and more letters to the editors

'So disheartened' by 2024 'choices'

Never before in my lifetime have I ever been so disappointed in our country's election process. I have voted in every election that has been held, be it local or national, but I find myself so disheartened by the "choices" we have for this year's candidates.

It seems our government has truly gone to the dogs.

It appears we will not be voting for a favored candidate but for the lesser of two evils. I don't know if I can vote for either one of them.

Do I vote for one simply because he will bully the world, or do I vote for one that is so "fragile" (the word to describe him eludes me) that I don't expect him to survive four more years? The vice president is not the first woman I would want to step in if that were the case, either.

I think: "Well, I just won't vote for either one of them, but that doesn't sit well with me."

My quandary continues.

Debbie Pataky

Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Israel planning Gaza seaside resort?

A miracle has occurred. An ugly, greedy, horrible miracle, but nevertheless, a miracle: the transformation of Gaza, (previously known as an overcrowded, open-air prison for Palestinians) into a luxurious, Jewish-only seaside resort (orders now being taken for prime property plots) has happened before our very eyes, with hardly any notice being taken.

The removal of thousands of Gazans: Some are buried under the rubble of their homes; some are lying in the road having been shot; some have been moved to neighboring (unwelcoming) states. Whatever it takes, Israel can handle it all, especially with the fawning blessing of the U.S.

Next in line: the West Bank. Israel is on a roll.

Doris Rausch

Tullahoma, Tennessee

Gorman promoted to replace Martin

Last month, I was in Rep. Greg Martin's office in Nashville with a group of people encouraging him to support rational gun legislation. Unfortunately, he swiftly pivoted the topic of conversation to his disapproval of transgender individuals. As part of this, he cited an absolute binary human sexuality that he calls "natural."

As a physician, I cautioned Mr. Martin that what is natural in human sexual development is a continuum of possibility based a multiplicity of developmental factors. His response was to accuse me of considering him "stupid."

I refuted that in his office, then took significant time to write him a follow-up letter with an attached informational lecture on human embryonic sexual development. I also provided my own summary of that development for the sake of Mr. Martin's time. The response I received by email was: "Thanks for writing, blessings." Mr. Martin's brief and content-absent response to a nuanced provision of scientific information from a physician constituent was insulting.

The above is illustrative of how Mr. Martin informs himself regarding complex subjects about which he liberally opines. More concerning is that Mr. Martin also will participate in passing legislation restricting the rights of transgender citizens.

Allison Gorman is Martin's opponent in the November election. My experience with Ms. Gorman is that she listens, thinks and responds respectfully. I support Allison Gorman to replace Greg Martin. She will actually act to represent her constituents!

Robert Landry

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