'Look to Matthew to define marriage' and other letters to the editor

'Look to Matthew to define marriage' and other letters to the editor

August 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Look to Matthew to define marriage

In reference to the commentary by David Osheskie "Defining biblical marriage," Aug. 5.

What is the biblical definition of marriage? The traditional view of marriage is depicted in Matthew 19:3-9.

Jesus states the pattern of marriage is "in the beginning." The word "beginning" refers to the created order as "He (a reference to God) made them male and female." Same-sex marriage advocates would like us to believe there is no set pattern in the Scriptures. However, Jesus stated that marriage was "from the beginning," which is creation's pattern.

The second point is the continuation of traditional marriage. The verses depict a man leaving home, clinging to his wife, and establishing his home. The word wife is a Greek word which means female. The repetition of the marital pattern is acknowledged in that a man must leave his father and mother. Thus, the marital pattern is that male and female constitute a biblical marriage which is the societal norm.

The Bible does have a pattern for biblical marriage and the Scriptures do present a sexual ethic that finds its complete expression in the sexual relationship established in traditional marriage.

DR. MARVIN JONES, Associate Professor of Theology at Luther Rice Seminary, Ringgold, Ga.

Take public vote on prayer issue

The issue concerning prayer, or the lack thereof, being acceptable at public gatherings has been reported, printed, debated and discussed in most groups, homes and churches across America.

Most often this rejection is made by a small number of people.

May I suggest that our treasured local Chattanooga Times Free Press take a public vote?

We are the Bible Belt of America. Those of us who proudly profess Jesus Christ as Lord should be ashamed.

Being present years ago at the UT stadium when Reggie White prayed one of the most meaningful prayers I have ever heard, it makes me wonder: Where is Hamilton County and our blessed U.S.A. headed?


Ask Obama same queries as Romney

The editorial (Aug. 18) "Romney's tax-dodge dance" crouches to a new low for several reasons, the first being why you would vet Romney in such a disparaging manner, while giving Obama a pass. You seem intent on obtaining more information than is required by law yet you don't seek the same probing questions of Obama.

You have condescended to the level of Harry Reid making innuendoes about Romney with no proof. The questions you printed were absurd, "Has Romney always tithed ..." and "Has Romney gone some or many years ..." Could we not pose these same type suggestive questions to any politician?

You know why Romney paid less than the suggestive 25 percent tax, it is called capital gains, yet you paint this gray picture that he isn't paying a lawful tax. That would be up to the IRS to decide, not some tasteless editor in the Times Free Press.

Why aren't you asking Obama about his sealed college records, his travel records, his religion, his contributions or his relations with unscrupulous people? We the people know the answers, and the Times Free Press will suffer because we know.

DONALD STEWART, Signal Mountain

GOP of old is now extinct

I'm tired of Republicans talking about Richard Daly stealing elections. Neocons have perfected "stealing" to an art form.

The Republican Party of Howard Baker and Everett Dirksen is extinct. Republicans now are controlled by corporations, big banks and the NRA. Our country has been bought by money.

The Republican legislators, in states passing laws to deny the vote to Democrats, qualify as "evil doers." They are smart and evil. Thanks to the Times side of the paper for exposing it.

Voting is a sacred "right"! Many have died for it. That's why I took a Carson-Newman paraplegic professor to vote in 1962, knowing he was going to cancel my vote.

The recently released LBJ tapes reveal Nixon committed "treason" to defeat Humphrey by torpedoing the Paris peace talks. Everett Dirksen agreed. Listen to the tapes!

The New York Times investigation uncovered Al Gore's win in Florida. Had the "Republican Supreme Court" not gotten involved, and Florida had been given a chance to recount all the votes, Gore would have become president. Period!

Bush's coronation resulted in two horrible wars, plus the Great Recession which will continue to be felt for years to come.

And, I'm not sure our nation is informed enough to understand it.


SS problems are actuarial issues

Re: Social Security fix (front page, Aug. 20): Well, that seems easy enough!

Social Security has been self-funding and able to generate a surplus for all but 11 of its 75 years. It currently has a $2.7 trillion surplus, 56 million Americans are beneficiaries, and the deficit will occur primarily because the baby boomers will reach retirement age.

This doesn't appear to be poor management or over spending to me -- more like actuarial decisions and adjustments to be made because of growth in the number of beneficiaries. Also, the assortment of "fixes" as outlined by the Times Free Press article seems very do-able, but clearly taxing wages beyond the $110,100 cutoff has the largest impact on the bottom line, from the group who most likely can afford it.

What does appear to be poorly managed is, as always, our legislators' ability to work together to make a decision in a timely manner. So what's new! Oops ... did I point out that most of our legislators would be in that group of $110,100 and above?

KAY BOYD, Signal Mountain

City Council trying an 'end around'

The Chattanooga City Council wisely decided to allow the auditor to become independent of political influence. It was a bold, selfless move for people not always known for putting citizens' needs first. After their majority ruled, we citizens voted overwhelmingly (73 percent) in favor of an "independent auditor." Now, some council members think they need to whittle away at the protections created to safeguard independence. What have we to fear from an independent auditor? What evil is so great that it justifies overthrowing the will of the people that you are supposed to represent?

The people have spoken, and just because some of you did not get your way, you have decided to try the political "end around." Who should the public trust on this? The auditors whose job it is to get the facts and report without bias, or politicians who have a public failure rate significantly higher than auditors. When it comes to "finding where the tax money went," I'll go with the auditors.

Council, your constituents will be watching you carefully in the next couple of weeks. Please leave democracy alone.


At-risk youths get fresh approach

Re: Article, Saturday, Aug. 18, front of Metro section. Thank you, Janice Washington, for the innovative way you developed to encourage at-risk youths to stay in school.

In my opinion, it seems there are too many handouts and not enough effort or accountability on the part of the recipient. Instead, you took a reward-based approach. I pray it touches many lives. God bless you.


President just nitpicking

President Obama called out Mitt Romney on how much he paid in taxes over the past five years. But I am more interested in the trillions of dollars of our money that Mr. Obama has wasted over the past four years. Don't nitpick, Mr. President; address the issues that affect us all.