Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

May 10th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Take photo of those who appear at door

The days of trusting someone who comes to your door and knocks are about over. You are naturally a little suspicious and wonder if they may be checking to see if anyone is at home.

Considering this, get out your old, simple camera and keep it close to your front door. When someone rings your doorbell, and they are a stranger, take their picture before they can react.

Then see what they want, or just close the door and say nothing. If your home is broken into, you may have a picture of the person who did it.


* * * * *

Republicans not for working man

I have read the paper daily, watched the news nightly, and listened to politicians and numerous others on a regular basis talk about how the Democrats are ruining this great country, how they are dragging it down.

I listen to people talk about how great Reagan was, and Bush Jr. was. Well, I don't know where they were, but when Reagan was in office, those were the worst working years in my 37 years of working. I barely worked enough to survive. Then Bush left office and left us with the biggest debt in history, after Clinton had finally gotten the country back into the green, but all I hear is how it's the Democrats' fault!

Now Nathan Deal, Republican governor of Georgia, has signed into law the reduction of unemployment benefits, from 26 weeks to 14-20 weeks, depending on the unemployment rate, with the state of Georgia's unemployment rate being higher than the national average. Does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture? Should it not be going the other way, extending benefits instead to help people in their time of need?

But still, people blame the Democrats for all the problems. I say the Republicans are not for the working man!

MARTY HOLLAND, Fort Oglethorpe

* * * * *

Ethanol provides boost to economy

Saturday's editorial (May 5), "Ethanol, steak, lawnmowers," attempted to link ethanol with commonplace problems that Americans face. It failed. Instead of looking at objective facts, the editorial relied on misinformation and scare tactics.

The editorial's attack on ethanol as the source of mechanical problems in small engines is nothing more than a baseless scare tactic, lacking substantive proof. Most small engines are designed to run on E10, the same fuel blend used in pumps across the country. In fact, a 2007 study conducted by the Department of Energy examined the effects of ethanol-blended fuel on small non-road engines and found little to no operational problems even at the E20 level.

Additionally, blaming ethanol for decreased fuel efficiency ignores the fact that E15 is the most highly tested fuel on the market, repeatedly performing on par with non-blended fuels. Numerous industries and millions of consumers have embraced ethanol for its proven engine performance and reliability. In fact, NASCAR has been relying on E15 fuel since 2010 for maximum performance.

Ethanol already has created hundreds of thousands of jobs, reduced gas prices and contributed to economic growth. It is a home-grown fuel that offers solutions to our country's energy and economic needs.

JIM NUSSLE, President and COO Growth Energy, Washington, D.C.

* * * * *

Colson enhanced life for others

I applaud Paul Greenberg's May 6 column about the redemption of the late Charles Colson.

Some choose to dwell on Colson's misdeeds during the Nixon administration, but he demonstrated his changed, post-prison life by devoting more than 35 years to two compelling purposes: He sought to shift our prison system's focus of from punishment to rehabilitation, with the goal of enabling prisoners upon release to become productive, contributing members of society, rather than repeat offenders.

He also spoke and wrote extensively as an advocate of Christianity as a rational, reasonable faith, affirming that sincere followers of Jesus need make no apologies for their beliefs to the "intellectual elite."

Many of the great stories of humanity (and the Bible) can be summed up by three words -- creation, fall, redemption -- and Colson was a living example of all three. Just as we rejoice when people overcome great adversity to achieve success in various endeavors, it is equally heartening to know of individuals like Colson, not only transformed by their faith, but also motivated to enhance life for many others.

May Colson's legacy endure through the lives of countless people he touched in his later years.


* * * * *

Leave campus policies alone

Coexist. A bumper sticker, often seen on university campuses, implies the open exchange of ideas. That's what Vanderbilt University used to have. Live and let live. So why did they need to invoke their new "all-comers" policy, which mandates that campus clubs be open to anyone who wants to join? Perhaps it was because they went a step further and said that "all-comers" should be eligible to serve as officers, even if their beliefs are in direct opposition to the principles of the club. Why would anyone want to join a club that is in direct opposition to their beliefs? If you don't like that club's ideas, you can get a bunch of like-minded friends together and "occupy" the club, co-op the election of officers, and basically neutralize their voices. It happens all the time in Communist countries.

On your front page you mischaracterized the state bill just passed to protect the core values of campus clubs as legislation "that would have forbidden (Vanderbilt) university's anti-discrimination policy for student groups." If "all-comers" is truly "anti-discriminatory," why were Greek organizations exempted? Why not grant religious organizations that same "tolerance"? Or why not leave well enough alone?


* * * * *

It's up to God to take vengeance

On the heels of the first "anniversary" of April 27, 2011, I again feel sucker-punched.

My mom lost her home and all its contents in April 2011. On Sunday after the storms, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and went on hospice care.

We lost her in the fall of 2011. And not only did looters steal from her place after her home was gone but now they've broken into a rented storage unit and stolen something.

So many want God, prayer and the Bible out of the public these days. I believe it's because guilty consciences don't want to be faced with the truth of wrong-doing, nor consequences of it.

Several examples from Proverbs:

6:30-31: "Men do not despise a thief, if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; but (sic) if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house."

29:24: "Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not."

When the person(s) guilty of this are caught, I will press charges to the full extent of the law. That's justice. But I will let God take vengeance. It's his anyhow.

EDNA BOGUE, Henagar, Ala.

* * * * *

GOP allegiance in wrong place

Why do Republicans in Congress give more allegiance to Grover Norquist than they do to their constituents?

I am a former Republican.

EARL F. BIHLMEYER, Pikeville, Tenn.