'God's word being ignored' and other letters to the editor

'God's word being ignored' and other letters to the editor

May 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

God's word being ignored

David Cook in his column (May 12) says God can do nothing but love. May I remind people God is also a God of judgment when He gets fed up; I believe He's almost there. His word is being ignored and changed to mean anything today. When judgment comes, people will start to complain, where is God? May I ask a question: Who have you been listening to? Almighty God or Satan? God will tell you truth. Satan will tell you lies.


Motorists, cyclists need more courtesy

The issue of sharing the road between motorists and cyclists is an important one that needs to be constantly brought to the attention of the public. Much needs to be done as new construction occurs to make the roads more accessible to both communities. This is important to me, as I am both a motorist and a cyclist.

The consequences of an accident are most often more severe for the cyclist than the motorist. That is why more attention is paid to asking motorists to be more careful and aware of cyclists.

The other side of the coin is that cyclists need to be more courteous to motorists. I often encounter groups of cyclists riding two or three abreast along the road. They make no effort to get in line formation so that the motorists behind them can safely pass. I know that legally they are vehicles and are entitled to their space on the road, but they would make more friends for the cycling community if they would show more courtesy.


GOP actions give Democrats leeway

Chicago Cubs owner Joe Rickets' second thoughts about exposing Obama's 20-year relationship with Jeremiah Wright have Democrats gloating over Republican fear to raise the issue. Joe Rickets has another reason for avoiding the story. He wants a new stadium, and he doesn't want to alienate Rahm Emanuel. The truth is that for 20 years, right up until he ran for president, Obama called Wright his closest friend and mentor in spite of a fawning press (that) gave Obama a pass on the Wright connection almost as soon as the story broke, calling it old news. Thus, one of the most pertinent and damaging stories about Obama's political development was snuffed out in the crib. Now, there is a flock of pundits and reporters who begin clucking at the mere mention of Obama's connection to Wright.

Shamefully, Romney echoed John McCain, Rickets, et al, in distancing himself from the Wright story in deference to the apologists for Obama.

It's no wonder that Obama personally enjoys high public regard. The Republicans have allowed the Democrats to define Obama in the most sympathetic liberal terms, while at the same time allowing the Democrats unimpeded license to attack Romney.

JIM SHUPE, Graysville, Tenn.