Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

November 4th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

DesJarlais best for 4th District

Recent mud-slinging, created by the campaign of Eric Stewart et al, has only created a deficit in the issues that are important to the people of the 4th District. The rehashing of one story on Congressman DesJarlais borders on free media buys for the liberal agenda. Dr. Scott DesJarlais is far and away the best representative of the people of Cleveland and the 4th District, and his voting record proves that.

Mr. Stewart will continue to recycle the unusable ideas of the current administration at the cost of our future generation. Stewart's policies will cause even more unprecedented growth in the behemoth of the Federal Reserve, holder of more than $8 billion in U.S. debt and growing. Dr. DesJarlais has voted repeatedly to curb this wasteful spending, provide sensible reductions to programs, and curb the rate at which our Federal Reserve drives us toward financial slavery.

There is one clear choice in this election. Scott DesJarlais will continue to reflect the voice of the constituency with a sound, conservative and liberty-minded voice reflected in his voting record.



Cleveland, Tenn.

Obama, Democrats make things worse

In each election cycle, each voter must ask, "Am I better off now than at the last election?" Which individuals going to any elected public office don't matter, their political party does not matter, skin color does not matter, national origin of their parents does not matter, but their policies matter greatly.

When Mr. Obama took office in January 2009, he inherited the worst recession since Jimmy Carter. Unemployment was 7.2 percent, oil was $45 a barrel and falling (courtesy of Mr. Bush) and the total U.S. national debt in the $10 trillion range.

Democratic Party policies have turned our economy into the worst since the Great Depression, with real unemployment in the 15-plus percent range for the last three years (and no real relief in sight), oil at $75 a barrel is being wishful thinking, and the national debt above $16 trillion and rising rapidly.

I have nothing against any Democrat personally, but the results of their policies have predictably made our situation worse, with no reasonable possibility of meaningful recovery. To paraphrase a famous ex-president, "Recession is when your neighbor is out of work, depression is when you are out of work, and recovery is when Democratic politicians are out of work."


GOP 'conservatives' cost us trillions

Tennesseans have a habit of voting Republican. If Tennesseans had voted for Gore in 2000, over 4,500 American soldiers would be alive, 32,000 would not be wounded, tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children would not be dead and over a million would not be refugees. And we would not have made more enemies in the Arab world. Projected ultimate cost is over $4 trillion.

This was perpetrated by politicians who call themselves "conservatives," and some even say "Christian."

We have about as much military might as the rest of the world combined, including the Fiji Islands.

Republicans seem to think there are two kinds of money: (1) Money that helps people like Medicare, medical research, Social Security, and education, which they say contribute to the debt. (2) Welfare for the military industry, which they seem to think doesn't cause debt.

I wonder how many cancer sufferers sit around and say, "I sure hope Romney wins so we can have more warships."


Vote from hope and not fear

It's ironic that conservatives hail back to the tea party and the American Revolution for identity and inspiration. Their approach to the world would put them at odds had they actually lived then. The progressive folks envisioning a new kind of government would have been as nightmarish then as Obama is to conservatives today.

In every glory day that conservatives hearken back to pioneer days, entering World War II, TVA projects, the GI Bill, even space exploration, they would have been the opposition. None of those amazing accomplishments would ever have occurred if people with an attitude of scarcity, of what we have now is good enough, were in charge.

Leaders with vision and intelligence used reason and science to make this country great. It is a disservice to all they worked for, and all they left us, to reject the very attitude which gave us our abundance.

We used to be a thankful nation grateful for our blessings and willing to reach out, to share, and to hope for a brighter future for everyone.

Imagine new possibilities; vote from hope rather than fear. Enable this generation to leave amazing feats of glory for our grandchildren to enjoy.


Americans need a better president

Doesn't anyone in our government or mainstream media care! The United States was attacked when its embassy on U.S. soil came under fire on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya. Our ambassador and three other Americans were murdered. When CIA personnel in Libya asked the U.S. government for help in trying to save these lives while this multi-hour attack was in progress, they were allegedly told to "Stand Down" and denied military help. Who denied this help? Why won't our government provide answers to this attack? This is a complete lack of leadership plus an inexcusable failure to protect U.S. citizens and property.

President Obama was asked in a TV interview with an NBC affiliate in Colorado whether the Americans under attack in Benghazi, Libya, were denied requests for help during the attack. His answer: "The election has nothing to do with the four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened." I'm sorry, Mr. President, but the family of those murdered and the American people deserve a much better answer, and apparently a much better president!



Millard deserves Red Bank's vote

The forum by Red Bank Neighborhood Pride Association was informative. Carla Quinn led a citizen-based question series with vying state and local representatives.

On the local race, Ms. Quinn inquired on what each candidate had done to help Red Bank.

Unopposed candidate Ed Pierce has years of work and volunteer service in Red Bank.

Monty Millard has a decade of service and 30 years of numerous civic ventures. Much of Millard's service is unpaid volunteer effort. He shares his professional financial expertise, his education and his long-term relationship with developers and other community leaders that assist Red Bank.

Rick Causer indicated he's lived here five years, gave a check and volunteered two days in Red Bank's recent school painting project. His past civic duties aren't commonly associated with functions connected to community duties and obligations. He lists no Chamber functions or experience bringing business in; no board seats of any organization; no planning of municipal services, and no financial education. He has a nice ad and slick brochures with standard politician's statements but no history of service.

Red Bank is going in the right direction and needs qualified leaders. Based on the forum, Monty Millard deserves Red Bank's vote.


Red Bank

Letters about God, election disagreeble

In the past week, there have been two letters to the editor which made blanket statements about God and the presidential election. One was titled "Voting for Obama doesn't please God" and the other "Romney only Christian choice." The contents of the letters were consistent with the titles. I challenge and disagree with the blanket statements of both letters. I am a Christian. Trying to follow God's will is important to me, and I fully support and am voting for President Obama.