"Rand's 'Atlas' is no 'fantasy'" and other letters to the editor

"Rand's 'Atlas' is no 'fantasy'" and other letters to the editor

September 14th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Rand's 'Atlas' is no 'fantasy'

Paul Krugman's libelous attack on Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" ("Galt and Gold," Aug. 25, and related letters) cannot stand. "Randism" has once again come to media attention because of its influence on Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Far from a work that "adolescent boys ... outgrow," "Atlas Shrugged" is a revolutionary rallying cry for what is supposed to define Americans: personal and economic freedom.

"Atlas" soars in its depiction of the virtues and value of entrepreneurs and business owners. The "job creators" (a slur to Krugman) are under assault by society's "Moochers and Destroyers," using coercion, corruption, and ultimately force to steal their innovations and wealth. Does our culture's typing of business as "the enemy" sound familiar?

The solution of the novel's hero, John Galt, and his "prime movers," is to withdraw their services and disappear. Without them, the world descends into barbarism. "Atlas" is no "fantasy": think outsourcing and offshoring and the billions of dollars sequestered outside the U.S.. Krugman's goal for America is to be a "social welfare" state. With 47 percent of Americans receiving a government check, with envy and resentment now institutionalized as virtues, the America Ayn Rand sought to reveal and re-invent is here.

KEN HARPE, Signal Mountain

'Cabaret' a must for theater-goers

This past Saturday night I saw the production of "Cabaret'' at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. Each time I see a show it seems that the quality of the work keeps improving. This production of "Cabaret'' is the best one I've seen so far.

The local talent was truly excellent. The singing and the acting were top notch.

This is a difficult play with important themes, and those in charge at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre did not shy away from the challenges of the story set in pre-WWII Germany with diminishing freedoms for its citizens.

Instead, they rose to the occasion with a powerful, intriguing, thought-provoking and entertaining production. I highly recommend seeing the Chattanooga Theatre Centre's "Cabaret'' not only to any theater fans, but also to people rarely go to the theater.

This is a production not to be missed. It plays through Sept. 23. I am proud that our community has such a daring and committed community theater and that we have the fine local talent to bring these important plays to life. Go see "Cabaret"; you'll be glad you did.


Give Howard band a hand

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" The Howard School band is not.

"I probably don't have an instrument without tape or string holding it together," says Dexter Bell, the band director, speaking of the 15 instruments available to 30 band members.

Alison Gerber and Missy Crutchfield have the right idea. They believe the "arts are vital to the city and education and should be available in neighborhoods and public schools."

Playing a musical instrument is an art form. It fosters the development of an aesthetic value which could result in hands that prefer to hold a horn rather than a Glock 9.

I recommend Mr. Bell march his bedraggled band by Sen. Bob Corker's home during the high-end dinner this evening. Since that gala will haul in quite a take, perhaps the senator and Mrs. Romney could drop off a check at Howard. This would be a fine demonstration of empathy for the ordinary people and might even garner a few votes. You are all invited to send a check. Mine is in the mail. This would certainly give the band a hand.


Republicans out to buy White House

If you wish to totally destroy Medicare, vote Republican. Just try to buy health-care insurance with their worthless "coupons" (vouchers). The ruination of Social Security would soon follow. Their claim that those over 55 should not worry is total nonsense. For you not to vote will also serve their purpose. Many states have resorted to all kinds of "Jim Crow voter suppression laws," which would stop legal voters from voting, thus ending democracy by stealing elections. They care nothing about you, me, or what is good for the U.S.A., only to gain and retain power.

The "Greedy Old Party's" billionaire donors (examples: Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers) and their "superPACs" will spend a billion dollars or more in an attempt to buy the White House and Congress. That money will pay for any lies they can dream up. They have their own propaganda TV network, radio heads, "think tanks" such as AEI, etc., to constantly promote and broadcast those lies. It is vile, divisive, hateful insanity. They are in dire need of massive doses of thiopental! Will you ingest and repeat those lies? When you repeat a lie, you have become a liar yourself.

WALTER M. BENTON, Signal Mountain

Don't judge person by color of skin

I would vote for President Obama if he were white, black or brown.

You cannot judge a person's ability, intelligence or patriotism by the color of their skin.


Republican goals are illogical

Increasingly unheard are sane Republicans. Illogic characterizes much of their party's political goals. One example is Grover Norquist, who conceived the rope-and-corral, no-tax-hike pledge required of GOP House Republicans. He labels it a pledge to constituents. Did state constituents request it? No. Are we constituents all alike? No. Unconstitutional pledge? Yes.

Bad Republicans become leaders by ruses that turn Democratic Party fairnesses into boomerangs. Paul Ryan, now the vice presidential candidate, lavishly masquerades with social policies of bygone times, notably opposition to all abortions, but in bygone times abortion wasn't discussed, was a personal decision, and carried no political capital. "Pro-lifers" won't volunteer any money for unwanted children's upbringing, citing the availability of welfare, food stamps and Medicare, yet GOP leaders plan to dismantle welfare, food stamps, Medicare and national health care.

Why? Maintaining Republican votes from anti-governmentalists and continuing low-or-no taxes for industrialists who seek obliteration of government regulations -- so giant corporations can control all three branches of government -- a very high crime.

Two recent books by investigative reporters discuss Mafia infiltration of our financial structure, and that it spreads worldwide. Modern Mafia tactics include collusive bullying and racketeering. Sound familiar?


Party just wants to add more wealth

"Opinions are like imperfections. Everyone has some," a wise man once said. One letter spent several paragraphs describing the middle class, while at the same time condemning it for "irresponsible behavior and discouraging family formation. ..."

Apparently this is but another stump mouthpiece for the party you obviously can guess. No rocket scientist needs to inform you that middle class income is about $35,000 to $100,000 per year.

I wonder if I somehow earned over a quarter-million a year, if I would want to identify myself with the party that hopes to make me even more wealthy, at the expense of the "middle class"? I hope not.