'Nations should mourn together' and other letters to the editor

'Nations should mourn together' and other letters to the editor

September 19th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Nations should mourn together

America and Libya should jointly mourn the Benghazi attack deaths. Your Sept. 13 report states that in addition to four American diplomats, several Libyan security guards gave their lives defending the consulate.

I urge religious and other civic leaders to appeal to Libyan and U.S. authorities to declare a joint mourning period in pubic space near the consulate in Benghazi and suggest other mourning at appropriate locations around the world, which mourners may chose at their discretion

There should be no object or monument now, to become a focus for further violence.

Let three colors symbolize mourning. Each mourner might leave several small harmless colored objects as he (she) departs the place of mourning (pebbles, a scrap of cloth, tiny flags, a pinch of colored sand.), to say, "I was here." No glass, please; no signs or graffiti.

This mourning should be silent, no speeches or fanfare, even if on the way to a speech or talks.


Got instruments? Donate to Howard

With regard to letter (Sept. 14) by Rob Fowler, it occurred to me, that I'll bet many families have high school instruments stored up in the attic that will never be used again.

Why not resurrect them and donate them to Howard for a full band?

BETTY COOPER, Signal Mountain

Seek face of God to live in safety

This nation is in crisis. Not just economically, not just our security from those who would destroy us, but most importantly, morally. We must be a nation that values the life of every unborn child, marital purity, and helping the poor (especially children and the elderly), for God to continue His blessings on our country. If it hasn't happened already, we are in danger of God's hand being removed from our nation.

In the Old Testament, time and again, God would bless people, and as they turned from Him, He would allow their behavior to bring about dire consequences until they once again turned to Him in repentance and humility. God would send His prophets to tell what was going to happen, but the people rarely listened.

God's desire is for our safety. Proverbs 1:33 states, "But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm." (NIV) However, for that to happen, as a nation we must seek the face of God.

SANDY HARRIS, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Is county policy really freedom?

Christianity loses when prayer is politicized. Far too often in America, and especially the South, we find religion overrun and consumed by politics and the government. It is fair to say that no one is happy with the Hamilton County Commission's prayer policy as even the president of Chattanooga's own Tea Party, Mark West, took issue with the "all inclusive" policy that prevents and excludes over 99 percent of Hamilton County residents who do not meet the county's requirements from offering up prayer at the meetings.

Make no doubt about it, the County Commission does not have Christianity's best interests at heart. They have politicized prayer and now as indicated by a federal judge, must also police prayer. The judge made it clear in his preliminary injunction ruling last month that Hamilton County is responsible for the enforcement and policing of its prayer policy. The government is now responsible for your prayers.

Hamilton County, through the acts and omissions of its county commissioners, has taken it upon itself to police and adjudicate your religion, your faith and your spirituality. They will decide what an acceptable prayer is and what is not. Is this really freedom of religion?


Story shows bias for private school

After reading the article about tailgating written by Karen Nazor Hill, (Life section, Sept. 15), I have some questions. Why is there no picture from the tailgating section at Soddy-Daisy High School, and why are both of the pictures from Baylor? Why is one of the pictures not of a tailgating party, but of the Baylor football team walking into the stadium?

I think that someone could have taken a picture of the Underwood family mentioned in the article or other Soddy-Daisy families tailgating.

The article appears to imply "we do it bigger and better at Baylor." It seems to me that there is no small amount of private school bias going on in this article.


This election is about issues

If you think this election is about race, one of us has been under a rock for the past four years. I don't believe it is me. This is about issues affecting all Americans. Nothing more needs to be said, other than get a life!

Great to see that race would not influence your vote?


Chicago needs caring instructors

I'm for the common people banding together to push for livable standards of living, but I must say that what is happening in Chicago seems to be the capitalists' greatest fear when it comes to labor unions.

These people are pushing into upper middle class earnings for less work than others in their socioeconomic level in conditions that aren't particularly dangerous or harmful. It would be far more reasonable, given the apparent state of education levels in that city, to invest that spending into the students and not their instructors.

It seems like it's about time to hire professors who care more about academic performance and programs than padding their pockets.


Crutchfield's punishment over

Ward Crutchfield was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to a specified period of confinement and other sanctions. He has successfully served his sentence and completed his punishment. He is now a "free man."

He is still a United States citizen, a citizen of Tennessee and a citizen of Chattanooga. Unless there is a law that prevents anyone having been convicted of anything from exercising his or her rights as a citizen, then Ward Crutchfield is eligible to run for City Council of Chattanooga. Not everyone shares that belief, but unless there is a valid, constitutional law barring him from this endeavor, he cannot be prevented from doing so.

Those who do not accept this fact miss the point of a person having done their time. His punishment is over.


Obama knows what he's doing

I have to disagree with all of you who have been sending in letters where you say that President Obama doesn't know what he's doing. I think he knows "exactly" what he's doing.


Time is short for coming together

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no big rock-candy mountains, gum-drop trees or rivers of chocolate like we were promised in 2008.

We are still a nation at war, with our military soldiers losing their lives at the rate of one per day.

This election is truly nauseating. I have never seen a nation so divided on both sides. When are the grown-ups on both sides showing up?

I truly believe in reinstating the Selective Service system, when everyone turning 18 must serve for two years in some sort of capacity. Believe me, you will grow up and have a renewed insight on what made our nation once great.

To our politicians: Tear out the so-called aisle and please come together to make this a United States! We still have time -- but time is fleeting.

BENJAMIN SUTTON, USN Veteran, Hiawassee, Ga.