Hard work pays off and other letters to the editors

Hard work pays off and other letters to the editors

December 6th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Hard work pays off

Congratulations to Mark West and the other individuals who faced weather and ridicule to gather enough signatures to demand the right to refuse to finance sin and its consequences - after the Chattanooga City Council voted to approve domestic partner insurance benefits for city workers. Gathering petitions is laborious work and one which garners individuals with a real address and voting eligibility, plus a concern for where hard-earned tax dollars are spent. Add to this the driving truth that behind all moral issues, is final accountability to the God of our Fathers, as certified in Trinity vs. USA, 1892. Chattanooga is my home town, and I am personally grieved with the licentiousness which has made its way into the City Council. As a child, I walked the streets unafraid for it was a safe place, a city of churches. Restaurants didn't serve alcohol and things were closed on Sundays. Now alcohol is everywhere and children are hid. As they say, go figure.


No justice in children's deaths

A recent article in the Times Free Press reported that Tasha Bates was found guilty of the heat suffocation deaths of her two small boys and received two life prison sentences for her crime. Apparently at the time, she was high on meth, which she also manufactured in her home. Within recent memory is the newspaper account of a Chattanooga businessman who, tragically, forgot his infant son in his car. The child died of suffocation, but the unfortunate man received no jail time. In today's paper, (11-26-13), is the report of an American couple who beat and starved their 6-year-old son to death and received court sentences of 30-60 years in prison. Where is the justice? A young woman is guilty of pursuing her addiction to the point of allowing her children to die tragically. That is moral, criminal, turpitude and unintentional manslaughter. Guilty of this, yes, but of first-degree (intentional) murder, no. Both jury and judge are guilty of Taliban-style justice not usually found in American jurisprudence. Shame, shame.

WESLEY W. CHESNUT, Mentone, Ala.

Equal time for all ideas

Tell me how UTC gave the preacher more rights than the students. The students have the right to walk on by if they want. The main service of a college should be to offer an unbiased education. I have found over the last 50 years, not all but most teachers have gotten progressively far left. From kindergarten through college they pound their propaganda into them and they have to sit there and take it.

BILL COOPER, Jasper, Tenn.

City taken to task

This recent vote by our City Commission in support of same-sex benefits is nothing short of a travesty foisted upon the taxpayers by commissioners who bowed to the altar of political correctness. As a business owner and lifelong resident of Chattanooga, I stand loudly in opposition to this proposal. This is both a moral and political issue, and we will all stand before the infallible altar of God to answer for ourselves. Did we add to or take away from God's word?

RON RAY, Chattanooga