Quality film not shown and other letters to the editors

Quality film not shown and other letters to the editors

April 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Quality film not shown

The Coen brothers are giants in the motion-picture industry. They write, direct and produce their films, and over the past 24 years the results have been phenomenal. They made "The Big Lebowski," "Fargo," "No Country For Old Men," "O Brother, Where Art Thou?," "True Grit" and "Raising Arizona," among many others. "True Grit" and "Fargo" were nominated for Best Picture Oscars. "No Country For Old Men" won for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Earlier this year they released a highly acclaimed movie, "Inside Llewyn Davis." I looked forward with keen anticipation to seeing it in a theater near me, but apparently that was not to be. This movie is not full of gratuitous sex and violence, impossible car chase scenes, ridiculous science fiction or headache-causing special effects. It is not an animated children's fantasy nor a distortion of theologic themes. But can't these criteria be waived occasionally to allow a quality film to be shown in the Chattanooga area? Why not?


Vote Boyd for commission

I'd like to encourage Hamilton County District 8 residents to re-elect Tim Boyd as their county commissioner. Tim has done an outstanding job for the residents of District 8 -- especially in his support for the arts and our schools. Tim recognizes the importance of seeking innovative, affordable ways of educating and improving the lives of our youth. Brent Lambert is a nice man, but his performance as mayor of East Ridge has been mediocre at best. Curtis Adams served respectably for many, many years, but his time is past. He has his name on enough bricks already. Tim Boyd has proven that he deserves another term. About the only complaint that you'll hear about Tim is that in Curtis Adams' words, "he can't get along with anybody." Yes, he has shown his willingness to stand up to his fellow commissioners and even the Chattanooga City Council over poor fiscal policies and other issues. But he gets along just fine with his constituents. That's the kind of man we need making decisions about the best use of our precious resources, a man who is not afraid to stand up for District 8 residents. I ask you to vote for Tim Boyd.


Fleenor right for the job

Pam Fleenor is running for chancellor of Part I of the Hamilton County Chancery Court. I have known and worked with Pam for a number of years. She is not only qualified through her legal experience in the courtroom but has worked directly with retiring Chancellor (W. Frank) Brown to meet the needs of seniors and children. The Chancery Court must have individuals who understand and practice authentic community service and true compassion. Pam Fleenor is this person. I am familiar with both candidates, and they both have impressive resumes and are both very capable attorneys. However, I am no politician and do not particularly want one as a judge. Pam has consistently talked about her qualifications and plans to continue to serve the resident of Hamilton County through the Chancery Court, not about the politics of this election. That is refreshing. Pam Fleenor gets my vote, and I encourage others to support her!