Israel can defend land God gave Jews and other letters to the editors

Israel can defend land God gave Jews and other letters to the editors

August 22nd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Israel Can Defend Land God Gave Jews

Hundreds of missiles are being fired at Israel every day. The country has a right to defend itself. No one is using BBs or slingshots. This is a terrible war, brothers against brothers. Remember what Truman did to end World War II? The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed children, women and old people. Japan surrendered and many lives were saved. God gave Israel to the Jews. Read Genesis 21:12 and 15:18. He never gave the land to Ishmael or his descendents. The Arab race came from five great patriarch stocks of Cush, Shem, Ishmael, Keturah and Esau. Look on a map at the vast land the Arabs have, and yet they don't want the Jews to have that one small piece of land (Psalms 24:1). Ezekiel 38 and 39 tell us what will happen to the nations who come against Israel. The God of Israel loves us, and we receive that love through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Georgian not a fan of two Congressmen

While congressional approval is at historic lows, Americans still vote to put these bozos back in Washington. Take Tennessee's 4th Congressional District representative, Scott DesJarlais. This pro-life tea party hero with three abortions under his belt is a doctor I can empathize with. He's a doctor who plays a Christian on TV, and I'm a Christian who could play a doctor on TV. He doesn't make house calls but will make conjugal visits. Then we have Hamilton County's favorite tea party son, Chuck Fleischmann. His campaign didn't focus on his accomplishments (or lack thereof) of his four years as Chattanooga's representative. His lack of character forced him to manipulate a photograph and use out-of-context, partial quotes to deceive his constituents. The campaign of distortions and right-wing propaganda felt like an evening at home watching Fox News. Unless we as Americans elect representatives who work for all Americans' interest (instead of appeasing the segregated mobs that make up our politically contrived congressional districts), we will be divided and never be the United States of America again.

JOHN MARK DAVIS, Ringgold, Ga.

Hazlewood Thanks Her Primary Voters

I want to thank the citizens of Hamilton County for exercising your right to vote in the Aug. 7 election. There were many close races that showed us our vote really does count. Particularly, I want to thank voters of District 27 for the great honor of representing you as the Republican nominee for the Tennessee House. Currently, there are critical issues being raised in Nashville that directly affect our state, our county and our district, where a strong, informed voice is needed. Thank you for trusting me to be that voice and represent you in the decision-making process. My commitment to the residents of District 27 is to listen carefully, consider all options prayerfully and make the best decision I can for us all. To those who contributed to my campaign, whether financially or through plain hard work, I offer you my sincere appreciation. To my family, my campaign committee and my friends -- both old and new -- I am forever grateful. Many thanks, and I will see you at the polls in November!


How Is Israel Evil In Battle For Land?

The letter by Kim Carver (Aug. 9) on how evil Israel is, is a prime example of people's true knowledge or feelings. Since 1948, when the Jewish people for the last time established their country, this little nation of perhaps 20 million has been forced to defend itself many, many times against a hostile enemy. I write this as a 68-year-old computer illiterate who loves history and wants or asks anyone to show me how Israel is the evil one. Yet, it is terrible that innocent people, especially children, are being killed. The evil are these insidious people who not only use their own people as human shields but have made it very clear Israel does not have a right to exist and should be wiped off the face of the earth. Oh, and by the way, this little country is surrounded by several hundred million enemies. And what about all these tunnels that Israel is finding? Remember what the Jewish people went through (Holocaust). How would we feel if we were in their place? And let us not forget who gave Israel its land.

BRIAN KISNER, LaFayette, Ga.