Nature's just correcting itself and other etters to the Editors

Nature's just correcting itself and other etters to the Editors

February 17th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Nature's just correcting itself

I'm no scientist, but I keep my finger on the pulse of the debate over the "theory of global warming." I'm amazed at the conscious decision to ignore the big picture. On one hand, we have politically funded "scientists" telling us how we (humans) have destroyed the Arctic ice. Then we have other scientists publishing papers on what pushed the woolly mammoth into extinction who cite skeletons found under the ice where DNA has proven the mammoths' diet changed from wild flowers to less nutrient shrubs. Wild flowers and shrubs don't grow out of ice; but from the dirt of grasslands. The Arctic region once had massive herds of plant-eating animals like "... rhinos, horses, bison, reindeer, and camels." Here is my point: Scientists agree, without contest, that the Arctic used to be a grassland that supported a variety of warm-blooded animals. When the ice melts it will return to grasslands. So what's the problem? People are worried that New York City might flood if all the ice melts? Who cares? Maybe the melting of the ice is a good thing; nature returning to what it once was. Nature correcting itself.



Liberals are to blame

It's about time the consultant fee for reducing shootings and killings in Chattanooga is put to work. Are we waiting for some magic number before anything is done? Were the 32 photographs supposed to do something to reduce violence in Chattanooga? Perhaps you can get the community to put some of them to work. It has been suggested that employment is the solution.

Hillary is regretful over Benghazi since her PACs have begun collecting money for her presidential run. Not so months ago when the four funerals were taking place. It was all "a video" and "what difference does it make." Is this the best prospect liberals have? I'm so glad that trans-fats are being removed from food, cigarette use is on the decline and helpful prescription drugs are being removed because they might cause addiction. Thank goodness for the new substitute, marijuana. It won't harm a thing. When you fly the friendly skies don't worry about which pilot is high or how much marijuana your surgeon smoked the night before your open-heart surgery. The president said it's no problem, and he's the next thing to God among the libs.

Did I hear the libs say the failures of the last five years are Bush's fault?



Trade pacts hurt workers

President Obama gets on television every day and speaks about income equality and says we need to raise the wages to a higher level, which I do agree with.

But, on the other hand, he wants to push through the trans-Pacific partnership that hurts the American workers more than NAFTA. Look at how many jobs were lost to outsourcing since this program went into effect. The Republicans run on family values and they are in favor of this trade agreement. The only reward for the agreement is the corporations and then keep money overseas and pay no taxes.

One of the countries that benefits is Vietnam and its workers that make 28 cents an hour. We elect representatives, but the corporations run this country and Obama wants to do what these corporations want.

If we don't quit voting for these people because they are Republicans or Democrats, we will never be able to get anything done for the families in this country.

We need to talk to our representatives and tell them we are against this agreement, and if they vote for this we need to vote them out.

We soon will be known as being a country that makes hamburger.