Solving the tax problem and other letters to the editors

Solving the tax problem and other letters to the editors

January 4th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Solving the tax problem

I'm surprised no one has argued that via antibiotics, Social Security and Medicare we are avoiding conformity with God's will as expressed in Psalm 90:10. Cutting off benefits at age 70 will solve the tax problem.

JAMES C. LEE, Chattanooga

In memory of a real pro

Hiram A. Laws III, DDS, recently passed away after 100 years of life. He was my dentist for 40 of them. While living in Florida some time back, I visited another dentist. Within moments of looking in my mouth, this fellow called his entire staff in to admire my dental work. It was dental school demonstration-quality, the best work he had ever seen. Some of the techniques used were quite painstaking, difficult for even an advanced professional, but providing the best possible results. He asked me for Dr. Laws' address, saying he planned to write a fan letter. When I next saw Dr. Laws, I asked if he'd received that letter. "Oh, I can't recall," he replied. "We get a couple of those each week," from all over the country. He practiced for over 60 years. Do the arithmetic. For Hiram, his work as a Chattanooga dentist was a Christian calling, a religiously driven commitment to doing God's work on Earth, in what he regarded as a humble profession. What a blessing for so many of us, to have known this wonderful, gracious man.


Think of poor all year long

With Christmas behind us and everyone feeling good about helping with much needed food and coats for children in our area, we don't think about what these children will do for food in the coming months. The children who received help during the holiday season will still be hungry after TV stations stop showing ads about how they helped collect food during the special drive. Local food banks will still provide food for families living under the poverty level in our surrounding areas. These food banks operate with donations and grants they receive from various organizations. If you really want to help these children, contact a local food bank and make either a donation of time or money. Volunteers are always needed to pick up food from area stores, or to work preparing boxes of food provided for needy families. Due to the cutbacks in the food stamp program, the local food banks are seeing an increase of families in need. Minimum wage workers have enough trouble making ends meet providing shelter and basic needs for their families. Yet the Congress says it can save money by cutting out or reducing these families' food stamps. They have never had to go home and look into the eyes of a hungry child. Think about this the next time you shop for groceries. Buy a few extra cans of food and donate them to a local food bank or church that supports or has a food bank or pantry.

JERRY HAYNES, Soddy-Daisy Food Bank Inc.