Land preservation gets commendation and other letters to the editors

Land preservation gets commendation and other letters to the editors

July 24th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Land preservation gets commendation

The city of Soddy-Daisy recently announced the purchase of 285 acres in Big Soddy Creek Gulf, and commendations and congratulations are in order. First, thank you to the very generous Dr. and Ms. Quarfordt for preserving this scenic tract and for working with the city to price the land at a steep discount to its potential market value. Second, the board of commissioners and the mayor's office of Soddy-Daisy are to be commended for their vision and leadership in facilitating the purchase of this land. Speaking for many Soddy residents, I look forward to seeing Big Soddy Creek Gulf returned to the important recreational asset that our parents and grandparents once enjoyed.

BILL LEE, Soddy-Daisy

Reread Constitution for true meaning

A letter to The Times recently stated that "a right is something that is enumerated in our Constitution ..." Not to engage in a debate on what they might be, I would remind the writer of the Ninth Amendment, which states simply, "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." He might also look at the Tenth Amendment.


Crangle gets nod for House 27 seat

Please accept my letter in support of Tommy Crangle, candidate for election to District 27 of the Tennessee state House of Representatives. Tommy is a man who enjoys a level of enviable integrity as clearly recognized by those who have known/observed him in an impressive professional engineering career, a seven-day-a-week Christian and a gentleman with a wonderful, caring concern for his fellow man. Being a registered Republican who chooses to think as an independent, my sincere concern is that I can be blessed with a solid faith-based representative who can be counted on to resist the many "favors" of the army of lobbyists who are so active around Legislative Plaza. I have the utmost confidence in a "Representative Tommy Crangle" to stand strong for the good of his constituents!


Support Hazlewood for House 27 post

We are writing this letter in support of Patsy Hazlewood for Tennessee state representative of District 27. Her years of experience in the private and public sectors more than qualify her as the top candidate for this seat. As the Southeastern regional director for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Patsy developed strategic alliances with businesses to generate economic growth in our region in just under three years. Her more than 30 years as an executive with AT&T, and her proven record as a community leader make her worthy of your vote. She voluntarily served on numerous boards, including the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce; board of the Better Business Bureau; Tennessee Aquarium; United Way of Greater Chattanooga; and River City Co. We are confident that Patsy will represent the 27th district with the integrity, common sense and effectiveness necessary for continued economic development, improvements in education, and increased quality of life in our community. We encourage you to cast your vote for Patsy Hazlewood.