Bravo to CTC for 'Les Miz' and other letters to the editors

Bravo to CTC for 'Les Miz' and other letters to the editors

July 25th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Bravo to CTC for 'Les Miz'

I have been a patron of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre for many years; for several years I covered the theater while reporting for The Chattanooga Times. Consequently, I have seen countless CTC productions but nothing compares to the current show, "Les Miserables." "Les Miz" is by far the best production I've seen at the theater and is as good as productions I've seen in New York and elsewhere. Cast, music, costumes and staging were magnificent. Bravo to the CTC for producing such a wonderful three hours of mesmerizing entertainment. Final performances are scheduled through Sunday.


Putin cartoon offends NRA member

As a lifelong supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association), I am deeply offended by a July 21 Free Press cartoon of Vladimir Putin's hand crushing a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. It is true that Mr. Putin may, at one time, have owned the weapon which harmed the plane. However, it was certainly not Mr. Putin who pulled the trigger or pushed the button on that weapon. As the legal owner of the weapon, Mr. Putin had every right to sell/transfer the weapon to another. He had no responsibility to try and determine what the weapon was to be used for or if the buyer was a criminal, insane or otherwise. Just like the NRA, Mr. Putin understands that surface-to-air missiles do not kill people. People kill people.


Haslam, Corker said responsible for union

Congratulations to all of Chattanooga for its hard work in the expansion of the VW footprint of German craftsmanship with the new vehicle line and research and development center. I am very excited for your community! But also, just for the record and very unfortunately, Gov. Bill Haslam along with Sen. Bob Corker are the first Southern governor and U.S. senator to directly and indirectly facilitate the bringing of an auto union (UAW Local 42) to the South. Priceless.

BILL JOHNS, Knoxville